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Nov 1, 2006 10:20 PM

I miss spinach!!

It's still nowhere to be found in restaurants or my awful local grocery store. We're allowed to eat it again, right?


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  1. Time to hit the farmer's market. I miss spinach too!

    1. I don't know what part of this Great Nation you live in, but out here on the Left Coast we've had it for awhile. In fact we are going to have a hot spinach salad tonight. Don't worry, it will soon be on your favorite market. Happy chowing...

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      1. re: Fog City Kid

        Right coast too... have already had spinach 2 times since the ecoli scare, including ohitashi today.

      2. I was at Whole Paycheck buying it this morning- it's here in DC.

        1. I've eaten it a few times since my supermarket put it back on the shelf. I'm still alive and doing well...I think...! I'm in the Boston area.

          1. Yeah, we've been eatting it for a while now, but for my dinner parties, it's still off the menu... We use baby chinese cabbage leaves instead, which look similar and already had a couple of guests ask 'just to make sure'...