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Nov 1, 2006 10:05 PM

Yummi's - Yonge and Finch

I was just reading about one of the burger threads and it brought to mind one of my favorites burger/kebab/shwarma shops..Yummi's. The one we frequent is just north of Yonge+Finch, beside the TimH.

Everything is always fresh and made to order. Their burgers, kebabs, falafel are all great and tasty and yummy! FYI, they never have the shish though.

Although a franchise it would seem to match the quality of the Yonge+EG one.

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  1. The Yummi's on Yonge, a few blocks north of Eglinton is great.

    1. Yummi's at Yonge/Eg started off great, but has gone downhill since this past summer. The chef who made it great is now at the Yonge/Finch location - so, though I haven't been up there yet, I'm sure that location is the best one.

      A new partner is running the Yonge/Eg and unfortunately, portions have shrunken, and I've noticed some taste issues perhaps to do with freshness. Both of these factors were never the case before with the other chef and in fact, if anything portions and freshness exceeded expectations back then.

      Still, Yummi's Yonge/Eg is satisfactory and the staff are very friendly.