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Nov 1, 2006 09:59 PM

#1 rec for 10th Anniversary

I am from Bay Area but will be in LA vicinity for our 10th. Where to go? We're all about the food, wine/drinks not important.
A little research has me looking at The Dining Room (Pasadena), Melisse, or Maison Akira. Would you recommend one of these or something else?

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  1. I like the ritz. However if you are a seafood fan go to Providence and have one of their tasting menus with the wine flights (Awesome!)

    1. If it truely is ..."were all about the food"...then forget about the Dining Room & Melisse, as you have all the high-end French spots back in S.F. IMHO, when you travel the thing to do is par-take what you can't get back home!! According to S.F. has 121 French restaurants out of 2,173.

      My Birthday was last month, I had the option of going anywhere I wanted, and I chose Mako as the owner/operator/chef has exceptional culinary talent!!!! And unlike Wolfgang, who you'd hope to be in the kitchen at Spago, but is actually doing a meet-&-greet at Cut (or selling some pots & pans on T.V.), is actually in the kitchen!!

      I have a friend from Sydney with ample financial resources who chooses to stay for 45+ days every year at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for 2 reasons; one of which is so that he can walk to Mako (which he does 1 out of every 3 nights while he's in L.A.).

      Mason Akira v.s. Mako? I, obviously, would (did) choose Mako!

      Mako Bonus Points - You can walk to Cut (Beverly Wilshire Hotel), Spago, & Mastro's if you want to check out some L.A. scene/vibe afterwards.......

      ~ Or ~ If money isn't a limiting factor, then you could go (2 blocks from Mako) to Urasawa at $250 per person (food only) = Ultimate L.A. dining experience which nobody from S.F., that I can remember reading, has posted anything similar in "QUALITY" in the Bay Area.

      218 N. Rodeo Dr.
      Beverly Hills
      (310) 247-8939

      1. I concur with JBC that if it is really all about the food, then MAKO is a solid choice.

        Also, if budget is of no concern, also consider URASAWA.

        Lastly, if you want to be a bit different, I would suggest BABITA for Mexican. The atmosphere may be a bit austere (it's a little cubby-hole on a street corner), but it does fantastic haute-Mexican cuisine.

        1823 South San Gabriel Blvd.
        San Gabriel, CA 91776

        Happy Anniversary!

        1. From your short list, I would recommend Melisse. If budget isn't an issue, and you want something that isn't easy to replicate in SF, I would second the recommendation for Urasawa.

          1. last week went to Urasawa -anniversary celebration too :) and it was unbelievable. Pure delight in the 28+ dishes. It's expensive, but not an ounce of regret.

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