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Nov 1, 2006 09:51 PM

Best wafers for real tiramisu?

Any suggestions on where I could find the most authentic (not overly sweet) wafers used in tiramisu? Someone mentioned a really good Italian market in Falls Church or Fairfax. I don't want to settle for American-made wafers, am kind of hoping to find a great source of imported stuff. Thanks!

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  1. It was probably The Italian Store in the shopping center on Lee Highway at the intersection of Spout Run Parkway/Kirkwood Rd, close to the Lee Highway exit off Rt. 66 heading eastward. They have lots of genuine Italian goodies. Good subs and pizza, too.

    1. I think lady fingers are used, not wafers.

      1. The trick is to use Italian lady fingers, which are crisp. They asorb the expresso liquid (dip quickly) without turning to mush. Sweetness of lady fingers is not an issue and please don't use non-Italian lady fingers as they to soft and will turn to mush immediately after dipping into expresso. I buy mine at the Italian Store on Lee Highway. I forget the brand name but I think it is Ferraro. In any case, they only carry one brand.

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        1. Litteri's (517 Morse, NE) in the Florida Ave. Market is a great source for all things Italian with the best prices around as they are importers as well as retailers. They'll have your Italian ladyfingers plus other things you rarely see in other stores in the DC area. Their house-made sausage is fabulous.
          This is a destination store worth exploring.