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Nov 1, 2006 09:13 PM

The most vegetarian-friendly restaurants on The Strip?

Can anyone recommend Las Vegas restaurants that would be good for a mix of vegetarians and carnivores? I'm looking for someplace relatively subdued in atmosphere, where it's not hard for a group of 7 people to have relaxed conversation. Thanks!

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  1. A number of places offer vegetarian dishes. On the high end, Tableau (Wynn Las Vegas) offers a vegetarian tasting menu; so does Fleur de Lys (Mandalay Bay). From what I've read, other places are sometimes willing to put something together as well. What kind of place are you looking for?

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    1. re: Larry

      Any kind of cuisine is fine (I just confirmed this with the guest of honor). As far as atmosphere/price, I'm hoping to find something nice enough to keep the hordes of drunken frat boys and sorority girls at bay but not so nice that a suit and tie are an absolute must. Does that help at all?

      1. re: misterdoog

        Hmmm...Tableau and Fleur de Lys don't require suit and tie, but they are high end - and high price. The vegetarian tasting menu at Tableau is about $85; I believe it's about the same at Fleur de Lys.