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Nov 1, 2006 09:09 PM

London weekend in the city district

Am staying in London ( at the Apex which I think is nr near Tower Bridge ) over 3 nights (fri sat sun) in November.

Bit concerned this may be a dead area at the weekend.Whilst am happy to tube it to good places ideally am looking for recs of good places to eat not too far away from hotel. Nowhere too posh/ pretentious ( Eg Oxo Tower et al) please. Am happy to spend £100 or so on one night if the food/place merits it but would also be happy for recs of decent pubs with good food.

Am fairly relaxed about cuisine, though Italain is a favourite of my partner. Ate at Camerino last time we were down, which was great food but slightly odd atmosphere , I felt. Any views on this ?

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  1. Shame to leave you abandoned in the City... possibilities: walk to Blackfriars Bridge and try Reffetorio in (bizarrely) the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the North side of the bridge - fantastic simple Italian food. Rosemary Lane is round the corner from you - an under-reviewed little place with competent modern food - it's in a nice converted old pub. They have a website to get their exact address (might be a bit quiet though at the weekend). Or cross Tower Bridge going south - just keep going until you hit the Hartley - a great gastro pub in a very unlikely area (again you'll find them on the web). In Butler's Wharf (just over Tower Bridge) there's the Blueprint Cafe, over the Design Museum - food has been said to be variable (Modern British-ish), although I have always eaten very well there, and the view of the river is fantastic.

    Just north of you is Brick Lane for so-so Bengali food, but on Sunday I might be tempted by Brick Lane and Spitalfields market for a good feed - try Bubba's barbecue in the market, which is only open Sundays by the way. Or the St. John's cafe opposite the market (sibling of the original St. John restaurant).

    And of course you have Borough Market on Friday and Saturday, which is quite close - foodie tourism heaven, with some good street food as well. Hope that'll keep the wolf from the door.

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      Thanks for the tips, much appreciated. May be in the vicinity of the Natural History Museum on the Sunday night - any decent Gastro pubs or Italians in that area ? Or would the St Johns cafe be open at night ? Oh, and is Canteen any good ?


    2. Canteen is's not heavy on atmosphere, but the food is really dependable. If you do venture south of the river, I might suggest The Garrison on Bermondsey High Street as a nice little gastro (you might want to book in the evenings or on weekends) as well as Tapas Brindisa by London Bridge for nice tapas in a lively environment. (TB is closed on Sundays.)

      I second the nominations for The Hartley and Brick Lane and Spitalfields in general for wandering around.

      1. I don't know if you've read any reviews on, but sometimes those are helpful in making choices. Spitalfields on a Sunday is great fun.