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Nov 1, 2006 09:04 PM

Pumpkin in MOLE - what do you think?

Looking for vegetarian variations of vehicles for mole negro and mole rojo and mole poblano . . . you know, instead of chicken.

It's great with tostones (fried green plantains)
I'm wondering about stewing pumpkin or other winter squash in mole . . . afraid it might be too sweet . . .
anybody try this already?

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    1. absolutely not a problem with any winter squashes. the piquancy of the moles play off the slight (or more) sweetness of the winter squash(personally, i use buttercup and kabocha) very well. i add some toasted pignoli or pumpkin seeds for textural interest. would be delic accompanied by good tamales. surprisingly, Trader Joe's has really excellent green chile tamales and chicken and cheese tamales.

      1. Any of the winter squashes are a great substitution for meat with mole. There are so many different varieties of mole and not all of them are sweet, so the sweetness in the squash will just add another dimension. Sweet potatoes/yams (camotes) are a fairly common ingredient in moles, I don't see why a winter squash wouldn't be similar in both texture and flavor profile.

        1. i've put dried cranberries and/or raisin that have been soaked in wine in my mole. I usually just pour the mole over steamed or fried rice and I've also used it as a topping for baked enchilladas.

          good luck and i think it would go great on a small pumpkin filled with cornbread stuffing.

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            I like to serve mole over cornbread or arepas, I know rice is traditional but this seems to be a better match.

          2. excellent! thanks for all the responses.
            I was worried about the squash being too sweet for the mole, not the other way around btw -- my mole is *not* sweet.
            ; )

            DiningDiva, that's interesting about sweet potato/camotes.
            Which kind of moles do those commonly appear in?

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            1. re: pitu

              Without consulting my referrences, the first mole that comes to mind that includes sweet potatoes is manchamanteles