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Nov 1, 2006 08:47 PM

Where are the great private rooms in SD?

I'm looking for a private dining room to host our company holiday party. Looking between downtown and Del Mar. The price should be about mid to high, I am looking for something different than the usual Georges, Marine Room, Tapenade, Pamplemousse. Good food, service and a nice room are important.


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  1. I'd suggest looking at Cafe Cerise.

    I went to a private function there and it was great.

    1. I have used the following for a private room:

      Rainwaters has 3 to choose from.

      Athens MArket
      Mister A's

      Good Luck!

      1. 9-10 in La Jolla will do private parties--they will put you in one of the rooms at The Colonial Hotel.

        Other places w/ private rooms:
        Roy's (acoustics are LOUD)
        Modus (the covered outdoor patio is their "private room." Or rent the whole place out for the evening. AMAZING food! Service was a bit slow for our party of 14, but I would go back for the food.)
        Oceanaire--I believe they have a private room
        Jack's has a patio area where they do private functions

        1. Sbicca in Del Mar has a beautiful private room they call the "wine room". It has an ocean view.

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              It was very good the couple of times I dined there. But that was awhile ago.

              1. re: sdnativa

                I have to agree w/ Honkman that Sbicca's is lousy. Every time I go, I am sorely disappointed and left feeling that it is overrated, survives b/c it's in Del Mar and there are better places to spend my time, money and calories.

          1. That is a shame. I hereby withdraw my nomination.