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Nov 1, 2006 08:46 PM

Frozen yogurt place in Pasadena?

Looking for a frozen yogurt place in Pasadena, near Paseo. Anyone know of one? Doesn't have to be a Pinkberry or the like.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      I second 21 Choices, although it's in Old Town, so not right near the Paseo. But when it was really warm last week, I had an excellent raspberry/lemon non-dairy soft serve with granola mixed in that was just the thing for the heat. Ordering system is a bit chaotic though.

      1. re: Chowpatty

        Yeah, when it gets busy sometimes the line snakes out all the way to the Barnes & Noble ...

        1. re: ipsedixit

          21 choices is definitely the way to go!

          If you aren't getting mix-in's and they have more than 3 people working the counter, you can go in the 'side' door (on the Delacey side) and order from there. It's their "express service". Although, the line does move *fairly* quickly. I love that they encourage sampling any of their 6 daily flavors before you order.

          I enjoyed a delicious pistachio almond flavor and a pumpkin cookie dough flavor after getting 2 fillings last week! :)

          Also, I'm not sure how accurate it is, but they post their daily flavors online!

          If you don't want to make the trek to Old Town, there's a decent frozen yogurt alternative (with very basic flavors) in the Burlington Arcade on South Lake (definitely not in the same league as 21 choices) - I believe it's called Heavenly Yogurt & Juice Bar (it's on the parking lot side).

          1. re: The Oracle

            I love Heavenly yogurt and think it's better than 21 choices and definitely in the same league as pinkberry plus it has more choices and other options besides just yogurt. You can get a juice or a deli sandwich as well, but back to the yogurt....I am from Missouri and only in LA for 10 weeks. I first tried frozen yogurt with a friend one night at a place called "Barenaked Yogurt." One time and I was hooked- 2 days later I tried Pinkberry because it was closer to me than the Studio City location of Barenaked. I couldn't get enough of the stuff, but I still live about 20 minutes from the Ventura Blvd location, so one day I am walking to Blockbuster to return my movies and I spot the "Heavenly Yogurt & Juice Bar" so I get one....Delish! The tart flavor is every bit as good as Pinkberry and Barenaked and it's also Fat free, but the problem I have with 21 flavors is that they don't have yogurt chips and I can't have chocolate chips, so there is no option for me at 21 flavors. Also, if you asre looking for the tart flavor then 21 flavors is not for you. I don't like sweet frozen yogurt, but they DO have that option at Heavenly if you desire it. Owner was super nice to and really seemed to care about all of his customers. That's equally important to me in LA where people seem too busy and often rude to be friendly. This guy went out of his way to be accommodating. I love it and will be going back everyday until I leave back for Missouri and when I come back out next year for 8 weeks, I will be going there too.

    2. There's a Coldstone in Paseo (upper level), but I'm not sure whether that's strictly ice cream or not. The pretzel place on Colorado that's attached to the outside of Paseo also serves TCBY, I believe.

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      1. re: ITurnedOutTV

        My fav yogurt in the Old Pas area is 21 Choices (not too far from the Paseo). I avoid the place on Friday night, since the line is too and inside is too busy. It's really a small space.

        In the Paseo, they serve yogurt at Mrs. Fields. I think it's TCBY. Mrs. Fields is next to the Jamba Juice and the Stabucks, facing the street on Colorado Blvd. near Los Robles.

        Two blocks or so down, you can get really good gelato by Bulgarini in the Laemmle Playhouse 7 movie theatre.

      2. my favorite frozen yogurt EVER is 21 choices. don't bother going anywhere else!!

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        1. re: amandine

          The best yogurt EVER is Golden Spoon, which, unfortunately, has not come to LA county. It is much creamier and tastier than 21 choices, which is overly sweet and runny.

          1. re: grapegirl23

            [gasp!] sacrilege! nothing tops the express choices at 21. ;)

            1. re: grapegirl23

              i second golden spoon. simply the best when i was living in irvine. i've driven down to OC on occasion just to have some vanilla/choco swirl :)

              i'm still waiting for them to open a franchise in LA county...

              1. re: lapchern

                I like both Golden Spoon and 21 Choices. I do not miss Golden Spoon with 21 Choices here, though. They are both really good.

          2. Does it have to be frozen yogurt, because Tutti Gelato isn't bad either.

            1. It's not open yet but supposedly they're opening a Pinkberry on Fair Oaks just south of Colorado. It's where the Bada Bing pizza place used to be.

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              1. re: Bruin Foodie

                Yup, that Pinkberry should be opening soon (Fair Oaks, between Colorado and Green).

                1. re: Bruin Foodie

                  The word is it will open in July.