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Nov 1, 2006 08:45 PM

Bookmarking/Email notification changes

A couple of weeks ago, we rolled out a new feature so 'hounds could get emailed every time there was a new post on a topic that they were interested in. Turns out that's not the best solution for a number of reasons, so tomorrow we will be starting our new notification service.

Every night, we'll be sending out just one email that includes a listing of topics that you have participated in that have received new posts that day. You can opt out of these emails by going to http://www.chowhound.com/account/edit and unchecking the Email Notification checkbox.

Let us know what you think.

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  1. Any chance we could choose between the old and new system in the future?

    1. I wish there were an easy way to opt out. I got the email, read the opt out notice, clicked the link, and it took me to the Chowhound sign in page. I signed in, but then was just left in the wilds of chowhound with no idea how to opt out.

      Please make it a one-click opt out.


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      1. re: Snackish

        Am I understanding correctly that after you logged in you were not directed back to the account settings page?

        1. re: Engineering

          I had no problems with the opt out button (sandwiched in btwn the two UPDATE buttons). Worked like a charm.

        2. I had the same opt out issue.

          1. With the e-mail notification, nothing in MY CHOW was highlighted as it was in the past when there was continued discussion on a topic. The e-mail notification cannot possibly be up-to-the-minute current since it is sent "during the night" so it is still necessary to check the posts. Now, all posts must be checked since none are highlighted.

            I prefer the highlighted MY CHOW instead of constantly switching between e-mail and the CH website. Also, opting out of e-mail notification was a nightmare as cited by Snackish.

            1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. We're working on our messaging, which includes email notifications and newsletters, so it may be a bit buggy over the next couple of days. Please keep sending us feedback, and be as tolerant as you can be!