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Nov 1, 2006 08:17 PM

Soup for dinner in WeHo?

So the lovely girlfriend is returning slowly to the world of solid food, and we've decided to get soup for dinner tonight. Problem is, this has never really struck me as much of a soup town.

Where's a good place to get some hearty & warm soup in the WeHo area?

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  1. M Cafe de Chaya has some excellent soups, including carrot ginger and mushroom.

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Or at the original Chaya in WeHo - Spicy Louisiana Shrimp Soup

      1. re: JBC

        Or, what you really have is a "GOLDEN" opportunity to take her to one of the best restaurants in town since all she wants is soup!!

        L'Orangerie - Unfortunately website says No soup.

        Locanda Veneta - Italian/Venetian - website says 4 soups

        Michelia - French/Vietnamese - 2 Soups

        Norman's - New World Cuisine - Conch Chowder (for 10 more days anyway

        ~ and ~ Chaya (of course)

    2. Hi... Urth Cafe (next door to the Bodhi Tree bookstore, on Melrose) might fit the occasion. Nothing fancy, but the soup was the one memorable thing i recall about dining there...

      1. Not quite WeHo, but not so far away:

        Doughboys on 3rd. Their soup au pistou is good stuff.

        Jerry's Deli on Beverly Blvd. Their other food is eh, but they make a mean chicken matzo ball.

        1. I'll second the pistou at doughboys as well as the steak soup if it's cold you want something heartier for yourself. There's also some kind of puree there as well as at Urth if that what the patient needs.

          1. Bristo Farms on Beverly & Doheny has a soup bar with 4 soups and 4 chilis. It's self serve. You can eat it in the cafe there or take it home.