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Pies in Marin County?

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I'm looking for the best berry pies in Marin County, as I have a friend who would love one as a gift but I'm not a good baker. I'm not looking for store-bought; I would prefer a restaurant that makes them to go so we can all pretend it's homemade! Thank you so much in advance.

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  1. Let us know if you can remember the name of the place in Fairfield.

    Here are two farms in Sonoma County that make pies.

    1. I get my pies at the Farmers Market. Seasonal selections and you can most likely meet the baker.

      1. Thanks for your answers! These are some good leads. Now, to get more specific, any places that might deliver pies? I'm actually not in the area and who knows when I'll get back...maybe a specialty grocery store?

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          What type of delivery are you looking for? Is this something for whatever area you are located in and want to bring along next time you visit or just a pie you would like delivered occasionally to your friend?

          Not in Marin, but Sweetie Pies in Napa ships

          I haven't tried them yet, but they get mainly positive reviews on the site.

          If you just want a pie shipped, then you might ask that question for the best mail-order pies on the General Board

          Also there might be good pie sources somewhere along the route from your starting location to Marin.

        2. Upper Crust pies are from San Rafael - here's the website to find them:

          1. You know, I was thinking of shipping and delivering as two different things. I'm looking for delivery, which in my mind was a bakery or restaurant just running the pie over to his house in San Rafael - so it's fresher, and cheaper!
            I should have been more clear.
            I called Upper Crust but they won't deliver, only ship via FedEx, which seems silly since they're in the same town I want it delivered to. So if anyone's still interested and knows of a fabulous bakery or restaurant in Marin with good pies, I'd love to learn about it!

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            1. Melanie, you are fantastic! Now, I just have to find the perfect bakery :)

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                You're welcome, wish I could be more helpful but Marin is the part of the Bay Area where I've spent the least time chowing.

                Anyone have an opinion on the pies at Comfort Cafe in San Anselmo?
                While I wasn't that satisfied with my breakfast there, the baked goods on the counter looked great.