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A Great Downtown Brunch

Any suggestions, besides Bubby's? Preferrably below 14th Street.

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  1. cafe orlin
    clinton street baking company
    old devil moon

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    1. re: wleatherette

      wow - you're my brunch soulmate :-)
      though i'll add:
      cornelia street café
      café condesa

    2. Landmarc serves a pretty good one.

      1. Jane, and you can book on opentable.com to get a firm, no wait reservation.

        1. I also like Jane. Deborah and Five Points is also very good.

          1. add good world (on division and orchard)

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                Could someone explain to me the fixation on Blue Ribbon Bakery? I've been a few times - always get stuck downstairs which is just bleak, and the food is fine (nothing special at all), the menu is limited and portions are small. Am I missing something? What makes this place so special??

              2. why no prune? I've never had any complaints...

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                  mmm, yes i went to prune this weekend. even with the rain there was almost an hour wait. but well worth it. we each had the eggs benedict which, hands down, was the best i've had. the classic bloody mary was perfect as well.

                2. I agree with all of the above except for Old Devil Moon. I think it is going downhill (bad biscuits, lousy grits) and the prices are no longer cheap for brunch.

                  1. Try the Cupping Room Cafe as well - good food and nice atmosphere.