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Nov 1, 2006 07:47 PM

Authentic Pho North of Chinatown

Rumor has it that there is a fantastic hole-in-the-wall pho place just north of Chinatown. Does anyone know the name? If not, is there another place you recommend for pho?

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  1. Well, due north of Chinatown puts you in Dodger Stadium, then Elysian Park and Glassell Park, so clearly there's nothing there. If you keep going up Broadway from Chinatown, the street curves east into Lincoln Heights, which does have a significant ethnic Chinese Vietnamese community and at least a couple of decent restaurants. Perhaps the place in question might be Boda Restaurant, 2310 Pasadena Ave., which I do remember for great chow fun, but I don't recall if they serve pho there or not.

    1. Are you thinking of Pho 87 on North Broadway? They are good--and it is a hole in the wall--but I still like Pho 99 (chain) and Pho Cafe on Sunset (no sign) best.

      1. I went to Pho 87 once and it was too filthy to ever return again.

        1. Thanks for the tips. I should have been more specific. It's immediately north of Chinatown...when you exit Chinatown on Broadway. This restaurant is supposedly better than Pho Cafe (on Sunset). I usually go to Pho 79 (chain) in Alhambra but am open to any additional suggestions. Thanks!

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            Practically any pho is better than the version at Pho Cafge.

          2. I like Pho 79 or is it Pho 97 in China Town across from Mandarin Deli.