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Nov 1, 2006 07:36 PM

Jojo, Baywolf, or Rivoli?

For an anniversary dinner in the east bay, would you recommend Jojo, Baywolf, or Rivoli? We've been to Rivoli many times and love it, but have never been to Jojo or Baywolf and are interested in trying either. My husband is not as into eating as I am, and neither of us drink, so I'm hoping to find something we both will enjoy. Much thanks in advance!

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  1. I think if you enjoy Rivoli you would enjoy Jojo which is a lot more intimate and romantic that Rivoli. The menu is still showing summer dishes, but it will give you and idea if there are dishes there that your husband will enjoy.

    1. I havn't been to Rivoli or Bay Wolf in years, but have enjoyed both of them in the past. Jojo I really like, but one thing about it is the menu is fairly small, so choice is limited. The food is quite good, and the service has always been good too, but it isn't exactly "romantic". But it is cozy and it is not noisy.

      You might also consider Citron or A Cote. The latter is one of those "small plates" places which I usually find annoying, but my wife and I had a "date night" there recently and enjoyed sampling several different things in a slow, relaxed pace.

      1. I love A Cote but it doesn't seem like so much of a special-occasion place to me.

        1. JoJo's seems the most romantic out of the bunch to me. We have celebrated a number of special events there.

          1. I have to give a warning about Bay Wolf. I went there many years ago and loved its charm and cooking. But then I went again this year and they expanded the front area for more seating, which is great, but loses the original charm. And the front staff is so busy that they don't seem to mind if you stand around waiting. And then when it came to the food, it was just OK. It lacked the original spark of flavor that captured me the first time. This time it was hit and miss, depending on what you ordered.

            Why not try Olivetto?(upstairs, not the cafe)But I do think Rivoli is still quite nice.

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              I also was disappointed in the food on my last visit to Bay Wolf, to the point where I decided I wouldn't be back. I really like both Rivoli and JoJo but don't personally consider either one of them romantic, because both have close together tables (and JoJo, as noted, is small, and with a limited menu). Of the two, I'd probably prefer Rivoli, but for an anniverary, not sure I would choose either. I'd rather go to Chez Panisse Cafe and ask for one of the tables in the small front room...

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                I, on the other hand, was disappointed in my last visit to Rivoli. I've raved about it for years to my hubby, so we went last month and nothing was particularly good except those portobello fritters. The exact same thing happened at our last visit to Bay Wolf, which I've been going to for over 20 yrs now. My hubby's going to think I've lost my tastebuds. Sigh...

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                  I should note that it has been a while since I've to Rivoli (or Bay Wolf; my last visit to JoJo was much more recent), so not sure if it would have changed at all...