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Nov 1, 2006 07:22 PM

U Cafe (Lex & 93rd)

Anyone tried it? Is there any reason at all why anyone would shlep there from Brooklyn? How does it compare to, say, Amazon?

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  1. We ate there a few weeks ago. Somewhat limited menu with choices of 5 of so sandwiches, 5 of so salads, borekas and deserts (all dairy). A bit expensive for what they were offering but the service was good and the food delicious. I don't think I would go from Brooklyn to the upper east side for this but if you are in the neighborhood it is good.

    1. U cafe is a great place for a nice breakfast or lunch, or date, or relaxing cup of coffee. My husband goes there every day. Really nice cafe, atmosphere, music, seating, flowers, good service (when I took my toddler for lunch, the owner came over immediately and brought her some apple chips to snack on so she wouldn't be fussy while we read the menu). And the food is great. Really fresh salads, yummy sandwiches, and fantastic desserts and coffee drinks. There may not be that many choices, but they are all good. So I can't say that you should run over from Brooklyn (as I wouldn't go there just for a meal), but I certainly recommend UCafe.

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        I finally got around to trying this place out, especially now that it's a year since it first opened, and the menu has since been greatly expanded. unfortunately we made the mistake of ordering their >$20 cook fish dishes which does not seem to be this restaurant's strong suit. Their special Caribbean Salmon was a joke: watery steamed salmon perched precariously on a softball of overcooked bloated white rice, surrounded by obviously canned pineapple chunks. Judging by how overcooked the starches were with our mains, I worry they might not get their pasta dishes right either. Their regular tuna steak main dish was OK if you like seared pepper rubbed raw tuna with a side of vinaigrette and mash potatoes *yawn*. next time we'll stick with the salad and sandwiche part of the menu. Their somewhat bland large soft Bourekas (mushroom) on a bed of super fresh finely chopped cucumbers/tomato/pepper would be a recommendable appetizer; actually most of their Mediterranean appetizers sounded tempting, and a bunch of them could make for a great meal. Angel Bakery Chocolate pie was plated well, though uninspired it's good for supporting the Israeli economy. service still needs some polishing, as servers seemed annoyed when we needed them, neglected to keep water glasses full, waiters kept interrupting mid course just to ask if everything was alright, while busboys would attempt to take plates away while we were still eating. the place is clean well lit and comfortable, nice tableware and fresh flowers. the tables are pretty close together, so it might not be good for a date on a Sunday night when the place is full. This place is not properly sound insulated from the street, so you have to talk loud over all the traffic and buses going by even when the front door is closed. 1 appetizer, 2 mains, 1 dessert and 4 plain coffees came to $80 before the tip, yet portions were more than adequate. Expect to pay less when you stick with their meal size salads and sandwiches. I guess the waiter pushes the >$20 mains to beef up their tips. If you have a small group looking for something new to try on the UES please check this place out. There is a lack of Shomer Shabbat Kosher Eateries around here, so the few that manage to stay open really need our support.

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          I ate at U Cafe for the first time last night and figured I would go online and compare other people's experiences. I was more than shocked to read your review and could not have had a more different experience. I ordered the Mediterranean Plate to start and (although it is not a complicated dish) it was superb. For a main dish I had the seared tuna and my wife had the salmon. The tuna was perfectly cooked (rare as it should be prepared) and was accompanied by grilled vegatables. My wife's salmon was also delicious (and candidly the pineapple was fresh pineapple), in fact when the chef was making rounds to greet the customers (a nice touch) I inquired as to how often they got deliveries for fish and vegetables and I was advised that everything was delivered daily and that the fish was never served after being frozen.

          Also, their dessert and beverage selection was very impressive (they serve several different types of fresh squeezed juices).

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        1. We had lunch at U cafe last week, and we could not have had a better experience. It felt like we were back at a cafe in Israel. Great salad and sandwiches, and delectable french toast. They also have "limonana" this delicious, icy, lemon-mint drink. Service was smooth and friendly. It was nice to have a place close to the Met Museum, and we will definitely be back.

          1. Any slightly more recent comments on this place? It's geographically friendly for a group of us meeting this Tuesday pre-theater, but having never been there, I'm not sure if I should recommend it to the rest of the group. There will be eight of us in total.

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              Hi - Was there again last week and once again had a great experience. They were pretty crowded, so apparently others seem to like it as well! Service is always friendly and the food is great. The place is not huge so if there will be eight of you it is probably a good idea to make a reservation.

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                I've been there for (Sunday) brunch a couple of weeks ago and thought it was excellent...we (5ppl) all enjoyed our meal and it was very reasonably priced. Other ppl I know have been there for dinner and also enjoyed it. My only issue with the place is that it's small, so if it's crowded, it may not be as enjoyable.