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Nov 1, 2006 07:15 PM

Grasshopper in Durham

Does anyone know anything about this place? I've never heard of it, but am meeting a friend there tomorrow.


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  1. It's part of the Giorgio's Hospitality Group restaurants (George Bakatsias). I've eaten there only once and that was a year ago (or more) - was good, but I wasn't impressed enough to go back. There are too many other restaurants that I prefer.

    A drink I had there was terrible - I could not drink it. It tasted like a luke warm margarita. I don't remember the name of the martini.

    1. I agree with Jeanne. It's only fine. Nice style, but the food tends to be either bland or crudely seasoned. I can't think of anything I've eaten there that's good enough to recommend. Not a favorite, but they do have lovely outdoor seating.

      1. I went there when it first opened, so grain of salt ...

        I had a basil shrimp dish which was pretty bland, and didn't taste much like basil. The dumplings were OK. Restaurant was really pretty.

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