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Nov 1, 2006 07:14 PM

Downtown Phila Sunday Evening

The title just about explains it all. I'll be in the 400 block on Chestnut to meet an old friend at around 5. Looking for a comfortable inexpensive place to schmooz, eat light stuff like tapas and have a glass or two of wine. We don't mind walking so long as the weather is OK. Nothing fancy.

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  1. Tapas at 4th and Chestnut? There's only one tapas restaurant in the Old City area and it's Amada. Delicious but not inexpensive.

    Serrano serves small plates that are inexpensive. That might fit the bill.

    Otherwise there are several bars in the area that may have snacks - Race Street Cafe, Society Hill Hotel...

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      Thanks. I guess I should add that I'm not that familiar with Philadelphia so approximate directions, addresses would help.

    2. When I want a restaurant for Sunday or Monday I go to and select the day -- I get a listing for places open that day in the area I select. But be aware that they don't purge places that are closed (like Treetops and Tony Clark's) and the listing is not always accurate -- some places that are listed as open Sunday are not and vice versa -- but it's a good starting place. I always call first.

      BUT on Chestnut Street between 4th and Front there are loads of restaurants and some will always be open.