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Nov 1, 2006 07:13 PM

Downtown DC Lunch - Best Desserts?

Hello all!

Some friends are going out to celebrate a birthday over lunch next week. A nice lunch is key, but the birthday girl absolutely loves dessert and will never pass it up. Where are your favorite desserts. (The birthday club has been to DC Coast and Rosa Mexicano most recently, to give you an idea.)


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  1. You know, I really like the desserts at 701. I went for restaurant week and don't remember what I had, exactly - but I really liked it.

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    1. re: EricDC

      Was it chocolate at least? Just asking, because the birthday girl is 7 months pregnant too, and standing in the way of her and chocolate is a dangerous proposition!

    2. The peach cobbler at cf folks.

      1. One of my favorite desserts in DC is the cheesecake-brownie parfait thing at the Red Sage Grill (the upper level). I have a picture of it I took on my camera phone--it's that gorgeous! It's way too much dessert for one person, so I split it w/one or two other people. And for $5 or $6 bucks, that's a bargain.

        1. Any dessert at Tabard Inn. The rest of the meal ain't bad either ;)

          1. I really like Corduroy's desserts. Pistachio bread pudding w/ ice cream and the chocolate tart w/ carmelized banana are two of my favorites.