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Nov 1, 2006 06:45 PM

Best Bloody Marys in Philadelphia?

A quick search shows that this topic was last visited in 2003 so asking again to allow for new places and edits to those who were mentioned originally, such as White Dog and Astral Plane.

Where can ya get a good bloody mary on a Saturday morn?

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  1. London Grill has a Blood Mary bar where you can basically make your own. I like that concept because I hate that Mrs. T's mix that a lot of places use. Plus they put Sirracha sauce out. Not sure if it is only Sunday Brunch or Saturday too.

    1. I am a huge fan of Todd's bloody marys at Azure.
      I prefer an expert bartender to make mine. Trust me, I used to be one (a bartender, not an expert)- they are one of the hardest drinks to make. At lesat 10 ingredients. He knows what he is doing.

      They are best though at Sunday brunch.

      1. I LOVE bloodies and have to say I'm pretty picky about mine-- I don't like them too thick or too thin. I like a kick, but don't want them to tear my stomach apart. Lots of citrus required. And the garnish should be a veritable salad... I mean a plain ole' stick of celery is so 80's.

        For all those reasons, I stick with North 3rd as my favorite It is mixed perfectly, garnished with lemon, lime, cuke, olive, celery, and maybe even something else?

        However, while I found the drink a bit thin for my tastes... the bloody marys at Snockey's Oyster Bar come with a great garnish of 3 freshly shucked, raw clams on a skewer.

        1. Astral Plane is still very solid. Marathon also does a surpisingly good one. Seriously.

          If I walk into a bar around noon and the bartender is clearly sleeping off a hangover in a chair behind the bar, this is precisely where one should order a bloody mary. At Grace's Tavern I went in for lunch and had a conversation that went thusly with the previously sleeping bartender:

          Me: I think I'll have some coffee and maybe a bloody mary later.

          Him: I'd much rather make you a bloody mary. Our coffee is atrocious.

          Me: One bloody mary please.

          It was very tasty.

          1. Funny you say Marathon....that's where I had a really good one, too!

            I did order one at Le Bec Fin during lunch one time and it was horrible...and it cost about 20 bucks, too...haha.