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Nov 1, 2006 06:17 PM


What happend to the price of almonds this year? They've doubled, or more, in Los Angeles. Was there a blight or a bad growing season?

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  1. Almond production was down about 20% in 2005 due to crop problems resulting from lousy weather. As the demand is relatively constant, 2006 has seen a sharp increase in almond prices.

    1. Pecans have skyrocketed, too. They are at about $10/lb. here in Vermont, whereas a year ago, they were at about $7/lb. Since Hurr. Katrina, sugar has gone from .36/lb to $.48/lb, and that's for generic, not the pricier Domino brand. But, don't get me started. Argh.

      1. Almonds are maybe high because so many trucks have been stolen, loaded for market. Last week one farm lost $500,000 worth of almonds. And that was just one farm. They figure the almonds are being shipped over seas.

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          That's interesting about the stolen almonds. I hadn't heard of that. Here's a link:

        2. Fuel costs have also gone up which usually only shows up more on an annual basis.

          1. I didn't notice a price hike at TJ's on almonds but good lord even the almonds aren't safe!

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              I read that a semi and trailer full of almonds is worth $250k. For driving off with a truck that's a lot.