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Reasonble and quiet restaurant near Fishermens Wharf

Hi all,

I'm looking for a restaurant in the vicinity of Fishermens Wharf for a business dinner. We're not looking to break the bank. Hopefully someplace that is semi-reasonable.

But also important is that I need a restaurant that is relatively quiet. That's sometimes hard to find in a touristy area.

Any suggestions?


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  1. What does reasonable mean? How many people? How near the wharf?

    1. As I recall, Albona's pretty quiet. Prices are definitely reasonable. Use the search to find numerous reports.


      1. You say you want a "quiet" restaurant, a "reasonable" restaurant. But I assume you also want a restaurant that serves really good food. That's what we're really all about here. If so, I just want to take this opportunity to nominate your's as THE single saddest recurring request which appears, (all too often) here on the SF board.

        Now that I've gotten that off my chest, somebody very recently responed to your classic Fisherman's Wharf plea with a sort of weak recommendation for Ana Mandera (upscale Vietnamese). But, as I've never been there, I can't vouch for it.

        Why don't you just take a taxi to a REALLY good restaurant in another neighborhood? Really, there are a million taxis in San Francisco. Go ahead, ask us about that and we'll suggest some place you'll get a wonderful meal.

        I'm serious.

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          Note that the OP is asking for a BUSINESS meal. Taking a cab isn't always practical or even an option in that instance, for a variety of reasons.

        2. Ana Mandara IS good and about what the doctor ordered, but I heartily endorse Ms Rothman's post as the ultimate sound advice in a town like this...

          1. Antica Trattoria is not too far, Polk and Union, terrific Italian, resonable prices.

            1. Thanks for the responses. I would love to take a taxi to another part of the city, but I'm not in control of this. There will be two of us dining.

              Reasonable? Entrees under $25, maybe?

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                Unless you go on a weekend Ana Mandara (upscale Vietnamese) is quiet. On the weekend they have live music. For under $25 in the entree Alioto's is quiet and the fish is good. Very nice creme brulee for dessert. It is not amazing food but The Mandarin is quite and nice. There have been mentions that the peking duck is good.

              2. I think Albona fails the price-perf test [one day, I'll
                get around to my Anti-Albona Rant], although it's certainly
                pretty quiet.

                How about WASHBAG [washington sq bar and grill] or the
                Moose operation. I dont recall how loud Moose is ... both
                a <10min walk up C'bus from FWharf.

                I personally dont consider WASHBAG loud but it's not sepulchral.

                1. This is a hard one. The one time I had to have a business dinner in the Wharf area, we went to McCormick & Kuleto's in Ghirardelli Square. It was quiet and we got a big table and were able to spread our papers out. I've only been to Ana Mandara once, I wasn't impressed with the food and wouldn't go back for the price. It is also a bit dark, so it depends on whether you will need to look at papers or not during your meal. Sounds as if food is secondary to location, so I'd think about McCormick & Kuleto's. Good luck!