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Help Planning a day trip to NYC

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I am trying to plan a day trip to New York on November 29, 2006 for my wife's birthday. We will be arriving at Penn Station @ 12:40pm and will depart @ 10:00pm. I was planning on seeing a Broadway show, The Producers at 2:00pm, but I don't know what to do after. I want to take her to a nice place for dinner, but not to trendy or pricey. I have never been to New York before and my wife was here only twice with her high school chorus, so I need some help. Any suggestions for after the play or instead of the play would be appreciated.

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  1. Could you give us an indication of "not too pricey" - that will help us give more useful suggestions since NYC can range from dirt cheap to unbelievably expensive. Also, some ideas about the kinds of food/cuisines she likes/doesn't like will help narrow things down.

    1. Sorry I guess I should have added those points to my post.
      Her favorites are Italian, French, and Seafood. I don't eat any seafood but if we go someplace where I can get something else then that would be OK. The price range I am looking for is $150-$200 includng tip and wine/drinks.

      1. The oft mentioned Marseille would work here.


        Go Terps!

        1. I havent been to Esca up in that neighborhood, but have always heard good things. And thats Italian + Seafood. One of Mario Batali's places. Looking at the menu, I think you could fit that within the $200 tab.

          1. Becco in the theater district could work (italian)
            Another place that comes to mind is DB Bistro Moderne. (french-american)

            1. For old school french, look no further than LCB Brasserie (55th bet 5th & 6th Ave). Very solid traditional fare and if your wife is a dessert lover, she'll be happy with the souffles. very very happy in fact =)
              Its a little far from the theater, but its close to Central Park (carriage ride a possibility), and you can walk through Rockefeller Plaza to look at the Tree and the skating rink after your show (which should end by 5), leaving you plenty of time to catch your train!