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Nov 1, 2006 06:07 PM

Help Planning a day trip to NYC

I am trying to plan a day trip to New York on November 29, 2006 for my wife's birthday. We will be arriving at Penn Station @ 12:40pm and will depart @ 10:00pm. I was planning on seeing a Broadway show, The Producers at 2:00pm, but I don't know what to do after. I want to take her to a nice place for dinner, but not to trendy or pricey. I have never been to New York before and my wife was here only twice with her high school chorus, so I need some help. Any suggestions for after the play or instead of the play would be appreciated.

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  1. Could you give us an indication of "not too pricey" - that will help us give more useful suggestions since NYC can range from dirt cheap to unbelievably expensive. Also, some ideas about the kinds of food/cuisines she likes/doesn't like will help narrow things down.

    1. Sorry I guess I should have added those points to my post.
      Her favorites are Italian, French, and Seafood. I don't eat any seafood but if we go someplace where I can get something else then that would be OK. The price range I am looking for is $150-$200 includng tip and wine/drinks.

      1. The oft mentioned Marseille would work here.

        Go Terps!

        1. I havent been to Esca up in that neighborhood, but have always heard good things. And thats Italian + Seafood. One of Mario Batali's places. Looking at the menu, I think you could fit that within the $200 tab.

          1. Becco in the theater district could work (italian)
            Another place that comes to mind is DB Bistro Moderne. (french-american)