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Nov 1, 2006 05:21 PM

Knoll, Le Parc for Thanksgiving

Anyone been? We're looking for thanksgiving dining for about $40-50 pp. Thanks.

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  1. I don't pretend to be anywhere close to "Mr. Inside Info" on the L.A. restaurant scene; however, I've never heard of this place before and would be greatful to anyone who posted about any experiences they've had on dining there. To save time, here is their website:

    With a maximum seating capicity of 32, it might be a great place, if the food is decent, to take over the entire place for a (smallish) private party.....

    1. We never heard of it either (and my husband is a location manager!). I found out about it on LA.COM -- searching for thanksgiving ideas. We were going to do Saddlepeak this year, but want to save our money for an upcoming NYC trip so this looked like a cozy and more cost effective way to go (they emailed me their prix-fixe menu, about $45 pp). They say the Chef use to work at Norman's --

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        Well, if you'd like a more cost effective, traditional, Olde World atmospheric, prix-fixe Thanksgiving option for $26.95, then you could explore (scroll down a-byte):

        (In the spirit of FULL disclosure - I've never eaten there, but their offer does sound appealing).

        Since Norman's is closing 11/11/06, more people will have that on their resume......

      2. Beckham grill is not one of our fav's but thanks for the suggestion, we're fine with the Knoll cost, but just wanted to know if anyone's eating there -- SO under the radar I'm a little nervous here. But the menu looks good and if you know what you're doing, sorta difficult to screw up Thanksgiving eats esp if you're a prof chef.

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          Way after the fact, but did you end up going there? I went there once and still think about how amazing it was. I'm surprised it's not more well known because it's probably the best "fine dining" I've had in LA, and I'm usually skeptical of expensive restaurants - more of a strip mall fan myself.

        2. The original comment has been removed