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Nov 1, 2006 04:54 PM

DuMol Wines

Hi, I just received my 2004 DuMol designate wines. I am sharing with someone (and need to decide which wines I want) and have been unable to find any tasting notes or rankings of any sort on these new wines (besides the winemaker's).

Can anyone help?
I have the following 2004
Chardonnays: Isobel (1) and Chloe (2)
Pinots: Ryan (1), Finn (1), and Aiden (1)
Syrahs: Jack Roberts Run (1), Eddie's Patch (1)

Any thoughts on which wines are superior, etc., would be much appreciated. For background, I absolutely loved the 2004 Syrah RRV.

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  1. Parker rated all of those wines, apparently pre-relase or in the barrel, since they were in rating spreads (ie: 92-95 pts). The lowest was a 91-93, the highest 94-96. Since people pay about $100 a year for his ratings it's probably not appropriate to plagiarize from the site, if the winery hasn't done so. I will list them, in order, highest to lowest:

    Finn, Isobel
    Jack Roberts Run

    Nothing wrong with a 91-93 either.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Hello,
      Do you still have the DuMOL Pinot Noir Sonoma County Green Valley Aidan 2004?
      If so, i hope i am not out line asking if can purchase it from you?
      We just named our first baby Aidan and thought it would be nice to have a bottle as a keepsake.