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Nov 1, 2006 04:43 PM

Guanajuato Dining / Regional Specialties??

I am spending a few nights in Guanajuato on my vacation.

Here is what I have seen so far for dining.

***El Abue
**Restaurant Casa de Conde
Truco 7 - lower key
Katrina - a candy store
Also something in my notes collected about a Santa Cecilia castle?

Anything else I should consider or any comments on these would be helpful.

Are there any regional specialties I should be sure to try?

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  1. Here you go....

    El Jardin de los Milagros is manned by young Mexican chef Bricio Dominguez who was an understudy of Juan Mari Arzak of Restaurante Arzak fame in San Sebastian, Spain (3 Michelin Stars). Dominguez creates Mexican, Spanish & Meditarranean fusion cuisine.

    For casual cuisine try El Chahuistle... a clean, humble family eatery serving up Guisos... everday homestyle Mexican dishes that are like a cross between Sautees & Hearty Stews.

    Bossanova is a very good Creperie with interesting fillings & decent coffee drinks.

    1. Truco 7 is a favorite, especially for breakfasts or for excellent coffee and cake. I hope the Pastel Tres Leches is as good now as it was back in the 90s.

      One of the best places to eat, for "authentic" (whatever that is) cooking are the fondas of the Mercado Hidalgo. They are actually in a separate building off the the left of the Eiffel-inspired main building. Look, ask what's cooking, and make your choices. It's reasonably priced. You sit at benches ringing the open kitchen.

      A fascinating candy store is Dulcería El Cubilete, kind of closer to the Ave Alhóndiga. When we were there in the 90s, it was a huge , shadowy room, with stacks of house made and other candy. Try the jamoncillos de leche and the preserved lime shells stuffed with coconut candy. Schedule a dental checkup as soon as you return home. ;-)