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An alternative to The Drake please...

I am looking for a restaurant to take my 23 year old nephew to for his graduation from University tomorrow evening. I was going to go to The Drake but the hotel is fully booked for a private event tomorrow night. I was hoping someone could make an alternative suggestion. Looking for stylish and special, Downtown core preferred.

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  1. Maro is nearby, south of King St. Pretty new, stylish, located on Liberty St behind Lamport Stadium. Same people as Brassai I believe.

    1. The Gladstone, is closeby.
      Old time updated beerparlour.
      Also a boutique hotel.

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      1. I've heard good things about Trevor Kitchen and Bar, though I can't vouch for it as I've never been there.

        1. You can be sure to find good food at The Fifth, which is stylish and pretty fun, or Sopra, which is the new place above Mistura, or at Rain.

          1. Foundation Room
            Blue Point Oyster Bar
            Ultra Supper Club

            1. The Beaconsfield, it's right next door (well across the street) and I had a great meal there, very nice.

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                I had a really bad meal at the Beaconsfield. Bad food, bad service. Granted that was last summer, but I haven't been able to bring myself to go back.

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                  I had the fish and chips there and I thought it was great, but maybe things have changed.

              2. With your nephew's age and your choice of the Drake in mind, I can recommend a couple of places too.

                Although I love Gladstone for a good honest meal, it isn't anything at all like the Drake. Beaconsfield has unfortunately been through many chefs and I can say that right now the food is good again, but I would not reco that as a substitute in this case.

                I have not yet heard of Maro nor do I know much about Trevor or Sopra.

                The Drake is truly unique.

                I am with Suresh and I HIGHLY reco Ultra or Kultura. Leaning toward Kultura. These are both very cool to a 23 yr old and they are quite special. The food is great and guaranteed to please.

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                  I disagree re Ultra. Ultra patio is good in the summer for the young and stylish. When I've been there inside the rest of the year, it is not young and stylish at all.
                  Brant House attracts a similar crowd to the Drake and I think the food at both is equally good, not great, but good for the surroundings.

                2. Brant House . . . . similar, but more dancin' at Brant House.

                  Its always a decent time there, always packed!

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                    Yes I thought about Brant too. Great fun place with decent enough food but for Uncle/Nephew combo? Depends on who they are...

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                      The Brant house has good food, but if you're not into the nightclub I wouldn't bother going just for dinner.

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                        true enough........i guess i misunderstood......i was thinking they wanted to eat and party, as oppossed to just eat.

                    2. Definitely not brant house for 23 year old...
                      not in my opinion anyway.

                      1. I've been to Maro on Liberty St...cool looking lounge like ...great food...or what about Mildred Pierce...Miranda

                        1. What about Czehoski, on Queen W at Palmerston?

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                            Yes that is cool too. It was to be tonight...I hope he reports back!

                          2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. In the end I chose Bar One on Queen St, since my brother was insisting on paying the bill (and is not used to Toronto prices), I wanted the price range to be something he wouldn't have to take out a second mortgage on. We had a great time, it was the first time I had been there. My nephew had one of their pizzas, my brother and sister-in-law had steak and I had a delicious pasta with sausage and rapini. we started out with a tapas plate and two orders of a sensational grilled calamari. The prices were very reasonable and the martini's even better. We also had a litre of the house red which was a steal at $30. I will definitely go back.

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                                check them out for brunch as well- really good! I love the sausage hash -