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Deep Fried Turkey

Does anyone know where I can order a deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving weekend??? I've heard nothing but great stuff about them!

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  1. Believe it or not, Popeye's Fried Chicken deep fries Turkey for the holiday season. Check out their website.

    1. Check out the Jive Turkey in Brooklyn.


      You can eat there, and order whole fried turkeys. We have ordered their turkeys for Thanksgiving -- quite good.

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        Great minds eat alike, we were posting simultaneously

      2. Try the Jive Turkey in Brooklyln. they ship too. http://thejiveturkey.com/

        1. Really?! Hmmm...couldn't find any info about that on their site, but I'll give them a call to find out. Thanks for the tip!!

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            If you're talking about Popeye's, go to their main site and click on "On Line Shopping". They offer a deep-fried Cajun turkey for around $45 (10-12 pounds). Never had one myself, but I do love their chicken!

            1. For the last few years I have gotten a cajun fried turkey from Popeyes. When my local area did not carry them I ordered it on-line through the cajungrocer.com. This year- all sold out. I used the website locator and called all of the Popeyes in the nearby areas no luck. While visiting Atlanta this weekend, I tried the same thing, no luck. While driving in Marietta I passed a Popeyes that had "Cajun Turkeys" on the sign. Jackpot! I asked why they were not listed on the website and they told me that they were a franchise- not corporate. Corporate decided not to carry them for Christmas but some of the franchises did.

              1. Doesn't Boston Market also do fried Turkey? Not sure but first option would be jive turkey in bklyn and second choice popeyes.

                1. My Popeye's turkey was again very moist and flavorful. I do miss the crunchy skin from eating it right after it is prepared. I am going to give Honey Baked Ham a try for I heard they are now in the Cajun Fried Turkey business. Has anyone tasted one from them?

                  1. Update: So I ended up going with Jive Turkey for Thanksgiving day. Went to pick it up 2 days before. The lady inside locked the door for crowd control. She only let one person in for every person that left so we waited 3 hours in the cold. Be sure to dress warm! I ordered 2 turkeys to make it worth the wait...garlic and cajun. They come in an oven bag so you just stick the whole thing in the oven to reheat. They weren't as crispy on the outside as I thought they would be. But they were juicy and delicious.

                    I think next year I'll try Popeye's just to compare. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and have a happy new year!

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                      Thanks for the update. Yes, she has only been in the business for a few years but business is booming since she offers a unique service with unique flavor options. I hear the food is delicious though!

                    2. yeah this guy out in queens fry's turkeys for 160 a pop for like a 16lbs, 18lbs 180, 20lbs 200$ it comes out real good.