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Place to take dad to meet boyfriend?

Hi All,

I had posted something on this a month or so ago, and now it seems they've deleted it!

Anyway, my dad is coming into town from San Francisco. My aunt (whom we are very close to and whom HAS met my boyfriend) will coincidentally be in town too. Where do you think we should go on a Sunday night?

A few things:
1)my aunt has several food allergies, so it needs to be a place that is extremely accomodating (we went to Craft last time she was here and that was perfect).
2) my boyfriend is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. My aunt and I really enjoy seafood. Where can we go that will satisfy us both?
3) price: not extremely expensive (I think craft and eleven madison park is a bit much), but not hole-in-the-wall. Somewhere with a relaxed, comfortable setting.

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  1. Red Cat is generally a crowd pleaser. Giorgio's of Gramercy might work as well.

    1. I do like knickerbocker on 9th street.

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          oh wow...I'm clearly not the brightest crayon in the box. Sorry about that. Thanks for the replies so far, and thanks Chowhound team!

          1. I also recently had relatives come in from California (LA), and they specifically asked to go to a steak restaurant or Italian. I might recommend a steakhouse since it would meet your boyfriends needs and many steakhouses have great fish dishes. My favorite is The Strip House in the Village, a little smaller and intimate than the others. BLT Steak also has some great seafood dishes.

            1. We always find The Knickerbocker a good choice for this sort of outing as it seems to have something for everyone -- a fabulous porterhouse steak along with a huge selection of other items. We liked it far better than The Strip House.

              1. Steakhouses, which would fill the bill for your boyfriend, do seem to have a way with fish and seafood, thereby satisfying you and your aunt. Our favorite is Keens. Delicious food, excellent service, and incomparable old NY ambiance.


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                  thanks so much for your responses, everyone! However, I think that a steakhouse might be a bit on the pricey side and would rather stick to something a bit less expensive (dad and I are doing the tasting menu at WD-50 on saturday : ))

                2. I am not a fan of the place, but out of towners always seem to love the Knickerbocker.( I do not think the steak there compares to the Striphouse. One is dressed up Tavern fare, the other a destination Restaurant. Tavern on Jane might also be a good bet for you. The place is comfortable, the food solid and the prices reasonable. It is more laid back then The Knickerbocker so might work better for people from San Fransisco.

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                    I agree that the Knickerbocker is not so great.

                  2. Your original post was not deleted. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                    (Click on your highlighted ID and you will see a list of your more recent posts.)

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                      yea, the chowhound team pointed that out (above)... but I appreciate you noticing! thanks, though I certianly feel a bit silly : )

                      1. That's OK b/c I feel a little silly duplicating their post. lol