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Nov 1, 2006 04:30 PM

New China tofu house at decoto and alvarado niles - good grub

finally got the grandparents to this ch fave, walked in blind, walked out a hero. everything good, everything cheap, just the way a chinese grandparent likes it. my grandma even liked the (free) pearl tea, and i always have trouble getting her to drink enough fluids.

you get either free daily soup (a tasty slightly sweet tomatoey veggie and pork soup) or the tea.

we tried the potstickers, which are taiwanese style. these, however, had closed ends, which did a nice job keeping all the juices inside. a relative bargain too, at 7 (?) for $3.50. i'm going to make that ed's lunch special.

4 season beans are my and my grandma's faves, and they didn't disappoint.

beef noodle soup was competent, but the broth wasn't the stuff of my dreams. this was topped with some pickled veggies, again more taiwanese style.

stir fried rice cakes (nien gao) were pretty good. wok breath and all.

twice cooked pork was pretty good too. my grandfather used to make this, and he clearly missed it. no leftovers.

we'll definitely be back. if we can get away from the hits we had last time, we'll actually get to try the tofu stuff!

my grandma's only complaint (she had to come up with something) was that she needed earplugs. (it was pretty loud).

thanks ch!

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  1. I think you meant CHINA TOFU but now has changed its name. Still same owner and everything but just name change to reflect its diverse dishes instead of just TOFU. I am a regular there and love trying the different dishes they offer. I probably have tried more than 1/2 of their dishes there. They probably got a hundred different dishes.

    Be warned, that their tofu dishes are decent but nothing spectacular IMO. For example, their stinky tofu is good but again nothing to rave about

    My favorites are many. But recently I loved their sizzling beef which is very tender. They have this amazing egg dish with yellow chives -so yummy even the next day. And if your folks love their twice cooked pork, then order the claypot pork with fried tofu. It is belly cut but the flavor and texture is heavenly. They also do nice version of the authentic Szechuan water boiled fish (boneless fillet) soup - a version had the translucent noodle sheets.

    This place used to have great salt & pepper squid/pork chops but I think nowadays is not so great.

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      Yes, the claypot pork with fried tofu is heavenly.. my favorite.

    2. thanks
      yes, the name isn't tofu house, or even china tofu anymore. in fact, i have no idea what it is. (who cares, really?). it's kind of a generic chinese diner, that does a lot of classic people pleaser dishes competently at a good price. what more could you want? (except maybe an SF location).

      but thanks for the tips. that clay pot sounds great.

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        Here's a link to hhc's report for New China. Lots of Chinese eating going on at the busy intersection of Decoto and Alvarado-Niles.

        1. china tofu & little potato are both excellent in virtually the same aspects.

          however the path to the restroom is a death trap in little potato.