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Nov 1, 2006 04:24 PM

Cheese to match pears

I have amazing pears and want to serve them for dessert with some nuts and cheese. One of my guests won't eat blue in any form, so I need other suggestions.

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    1. Taleggio.

      Can't hurt to serve some honey and pecans alongside. Choose a deep honey like orange blossom - divine with taleggio.

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        I agree. I like a soft cheese with pears (or apples, for that matter). There are some luscious soft mixed milk cheeses from Italy around now -- robiola, Alta Langhe La Tur, etc. Or a rich, creamy French cheese like a Brillat-Savarin or a Jean Grogne.

        Maybe some blue, too, for your other guest to enjoy. If you can get your hands on some, Rogue River blue wrapped in leaves soaked in pear brandy is amazing with pears.

      2. bleu - roquefort or stilton - is great with pears... and don't forget the port!

        1. Recently had some squash blossoms stuffed with Taleggio and drizzled with honey. Excellent !

            1. re: chowchow985

              the OP said no blue in any form--