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best pumpkin pie in LA?

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I had a great slice at the Farm in Santa Monica, a fair one at Clementine (it didn't taste as good as it looked).
Whole or slice--any ideas? And i'd really love it if there was something in the mid-wilshire district, but NOT Susina, which I find to be pretty average--again, their selections look great, don't match up in taste.

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  1. Sorry, not close to mid-Wilshire, but at last week's office dinner catered by Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock, they brought one that seemed close to perfect, especially if you like it on the less-sweet side.

    1. Had a great pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream combo at Jinpachi in West Hollywood.

      1. Al Gelato.
        Nothing but pure pumpkin and tons of it.
        Remember the whipped cream!

        1. The unorthodox kabocha pumpkin pie at Frances Bakery in Little Tokyo is pretty stellar. I don't think any sugar is used in the pumpkin filling but you get a nice (optional) sweetness from the meringue topping. Good stuff...

          Frances Bakery
          404 E 2ND St
          Los Angeles, CA 90012-4209View Map

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            Kabocha totally rocks in pumpkin pie. You can get away with reduced sugar due to the squash's natural sweetness, but probably shouldn't eliminate it.

          2. Are you talking about LA Farm on Olympic?

            Try Josie on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. Good stuff.

            1. I LOVE the pumpkin pie at Urth Caffe!!!! It's a must try - it's different than any pumpkin pie I've had. I can eat Costco/Marie Callendar's but Urth Caffe takes pumpkin pie to another level. There are locations in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood.

              1. Here's some heresy:

                Vons/Pavillions has an excellent pumpkin pie.

                While I'm at it, Mrs. Smith's frozen apple pie is also excellent.

                While both probably aren't the most fantastic offerings of all time, they are very good and wonderful value for the money.

                In contrast, the Filling Station pie is unique and wonderful, but also massive (and massively priced).

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                  At $23 for a pie that can easily serve 12+ people (the thing weighs about 10 pounds!), I don't consider that massively priced... but it is massively delicious.

                  Mr Taster

                2. Urth Cafe has the best pumpkin pie I know of. They have it year round, as well.

                  1. Said it before: saying it again:

                    Campanile. $34 per pie on their Thanksgiving take-out menu. Don't know if they sell it any other time of the year (if they do, it's probably through the La Brea Bakery next door.)

                    624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                    La Brea Bakery
                    624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                    1. Costco. I don't know how they do it, but it's the best non-home made I've had in LA. In fact, it beats my mother in law's pies easy.

                      1. I have tried many pumpkin pies in my life and most of the time i would rather make my own, but not after trying the pumkin pie at City Bakery in the Brentwood country mart. Its fantastic and while you are at it, try the melted choclate cookies.

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                          EuroPane in Pasadena. I brought it to our T-Day dinner last year and the hosts threatened me within an inch of my life if I didn't bring it again. Truly awesome pie.

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                            Gotta disagree with this one. Euro pane pie - dry and forgettable. Not good. Simple things pumpkin far tastier.

                        2. Since I was cruelly laid-off I've rediscovered the baked goods section at Costco Burbank.
                          They sell a 14-inch diameter punkin pie for under 6 samoleans.
                          A punkin cheesecake almost had me stickin' a finger in it, but I was able to restrain myself at the last moment. Mmmm.
                          PS I usually have my pie w/black, black freeze-dried coffee @ 2:45 a.m., just before NPR's Morning Edition comes on. I haven't slept in weeks.

                          1. Try Apple Pan for pumpkin pie. The filling isn't overly sweet and the whipped cream is the same they use on their banana cream pie, which is the best I ever tasted. Call first, they run out often.