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Nov 1, 2006 03:47 PM

Joy of Cooking tag-team rumble

For her NY Times review of the latest Joy of Cooking, Kim Severson compares it with four older editions. She calls the latest disappointing and almost everything she says is negative, yet somehow concludes that if you don't own the classic 1975 version you should spend $30 for the 2006. She fails to explain why you wouldn't be better off getting the 1975 used, or address the interesting phenomenon that, new, the 1975 is selling for $35 while the 2006 is widely available for around $20.

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  1. Just read that article--I can't imagine what need ANOTHER "Joy of Cooking" will fill, except to be a "safe" Christmas present. A classic, respected book, but of course the newest edition!

    My own little tag-team tussle with "Joy" (I have the 1975 edition)I will put over in Chowhound's Home Cooking. It involves tuna noodle casserole--can't believe they got that wrong!