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Nov 1, 2006 03:43 PM

St Michaels / Annapolis Recommendations

Philly hound spending a night in St Michaels and 2 nights in Annapolis next weekend. I would appreciate any chow-related insights into some interesting places to eat. Open to any type of cuisine.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. 208 Talbot, see Call ahead, there are some days they are not open. Very good food, relaxed atmosphere, on main road.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I am heading there next week and the one place in Annapolis that keeps getting mentioned to me is O'Learys for seafood

        1. I really hate to say this, but we had a so-so dinner at O'Leary's the other night. For the money, there were other places we could have gone. Maybe it was what we ordered, or the night, but $200 for 3 should have had a better impressionon us. I forgot to tell the waitron I would have liked the inside of my salmon pink. My fault, but she did not ask. I had the tarragon cream sauce, which she recommended. It arrived at the table with a skin on the sauce like it had sat for a bit too long. The tuna appetizer was excellent. Also ordered at the table was a Seafood Dashi (?) The lobster tail was difficult to get out of the tail. Not impressed with the clams, and only 2 small lumps of crab. The broth was not exciting. Other dish at our table was the mahi-mahi. Tasted great on first bite, but had too much going on after a while. The creme brulee was very good. the cheesecake was so-so. The kahluha and coffee did not taste like real Kahluha. I am hesitant to recommend O'Leary's, but I really want to as it is supposed to be the best.

          1. Definitely 208 Talbot in St. Michaels....really charming place. In Annapolis, I really liked Yin Yankee Cafe. Sit at the window bar, so you can look out and people watch on Main Street! Aqua Terra was another yummy Annapolis spot to check out.....