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Nov 1, 2006 03:34 PM

Cape May lunch/brunch?

Hi! We're going to Cape May for a wedding next Saturday, 11/11. We're renting a cottage for the weekend on Kearney Ave. between Howard & Jefferson. I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for great, casual places for lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday that are within walking distance of our cottage. I've heard that the Mad Batter is really good for brunch. Any opinions? Also, some recs for places to get a beer and watch the Eagles game on Sunday. Thanks!

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  1. Although not the most economical choice (and most establishments in CMay aren't) we have always enjoyed the casual atmosphere, proximity to ocean and brunch/lunch menu at Mad Batter.

    Pubs along the ocean or Washington Square Mall are all fine for catching the game.

    1. A wonderful lunch place is A Ca Mia, across from the church in the center of the shopping area, however, it's best in the spring, summer and early fall when you can eat at one of the little tables outside. Great place for a leisurely lunch and people-watching.