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Nov 1, 2006 03:30 PM

ISO Steakhouse Quality Steak, Non-Steakhouse Price--Prefer Brooklyn, Queens Will Do

Aren't we all--I know. But my similar adventure in Manhattan led me to Azul in LES which might be my best find of the year.
SO, hoping to once again hit a homerun.
Thanks in advance everyone
I'm counting on Bob Martinez and Woodside Al

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  1. The rib steak at Convivium (68 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, 718-857-1833) has become my favorite steak in New York. It's a 48-ouncer from Niman Ranch and is truly spectacular -- rich, mineral-y, complex. It's big enough to serve three or even four, which makes its $68 price tag very fair (and you can split it as many ways as you want -- the restaurant doesn't mind, even though they describe it on the menu as "for two"). Highly recommended.

    -- Paul

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    1. Oh you can also count on me to post something, often something helpful.

      If you like Azul, you might try some of the many Argentine steakhouses that litter Jackson Heights. La Portena is the most famous, and there are others: La Fusta (Bob M posted in June that he likes this one; I've read they use Uruguayan meat), Cabana on roosevelt near Junction (I may have the name wrong, there's another steakhouse named Cabana on Northern near 87), Boca Jr on Queens Blvd in the 80s, and several at the corner of Junction and Corona, including the toothsome Esquina criolla.

      Then there are Colombian places such as Cositas Ricas and, if it's still around, Boina Roja. The trouble with these places is they often don't know what "very rare" means. I even phoned the Colombian Embassy to ask them how to say it. (Huerta huerta works best)

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      1. re: Brian S

        Well now, thank you Brian. Your posts are a great source on information as well, especially about Chinatown.

        As you mentioned, I'm a fan of La Fusta and would place it a half a notch higher than La Portena which gets most of the attention on these boards. It would be a fun idea for the original poster to do a steak smackdown and hit both places a couple of weeks apart. He would have two good meals and be able to give us some fresh information on both places. I haven't been to either in a couple of years and lately my trips to Queens always seem to involve Chinese or Thai meals.

      2. The best deal (quality for the money) you'd probably get at little Brazilian rodizios around Astoria. My favorite is Brasilianville on 34th ave.

        1. If you like salt, Brasilianville and Copacabana are prime suspects. (Order a rare slice if you don't - the charred outsides tend to be the saltiest, but also the tastiest.)

          For sit-down steaks, my favorite (despite other opinions) are at Buenos Aires in the EV. (I can't get enough of their entrana.) There's an Argentine resto on 9th Street in Park Slope - Futura - that might have good steaks at reasonable prices, but I have not been.

          I'm sure Bob and Brian's JH/Elmhurst/Corona recs are spot on, too, I just haven't made it out there yet.

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          1. re: lambretta76

            Futura on 9th near 5th in Park Slope shifted to an Italian menu and then lost their chef to immigration issues. It went severly downhill since.

          2. Thanks for everyone's replies. Brian S., no slight intended--thanks for the info. Bob, any idea that has me involved in a steak smckdown is cetainly a good one.
            I will defintiely try both and report back. However, this Friday night I am most likely headed to Brooklyn because my brother is a lazy-ass. I had wanted to go to Azul, which I just discovered and am madly in love with, he had wanted to go to Korean BBQ in willyB (forget the name) that he had just discovered. We decided to try someplace neither of us had been to, thus the post. Hmm, he doesn't know that I've been to Convivium...Do they have heating lamps in the garden?