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Nov 1, 2006 03:24 PM

Great delis in Hong Kong?

Does anyone know of any great little delis in HK?

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  1. With a screen name like yours I'm sure many people would love to help you, but it would make it a little easier if you could be more specific about what you mean by "deli" as it can mean a number of different things: A Chinese "charcuterie" (roast ducks hanging in the window)? A Hong Kong style "sai chan" western food place (would you like rice or spaghetti with that?) Or maybe a real Western style deli (pastrami on rye and a Cel-ray soda, please)?

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      Ooo, Hong Kong style "sai chan". There used to be some good places for that in NY when I was growing up but for some reason they all closed down. =( Would you happen to know some great places in HK for that? I'm actually visiting HK next week. Thanks!

      1. re: sc207

        Sai Chan wasn't something I sought out in Hong Kong during the three months I was working there, but encountered plenty of it anyway, since I tended to use HK chains as per diem savers. Cafe de Coral, Fairwood and Maxim's all feature the peculiar HK fusion known as Sai Chan and they are everywhere and cheap. Don't know about the small independent Sai Chan places, though.

        Incidentally, the SF Bay Area has more than its share of "cutlet houses."

    2. When I used to live on Caine Rd, there was one close the the 7-11 (opposite the mcdonalds/pizza hut). Mostly Italian stuff.

      1. Main St deli in the basement of the Langham Hotel( Great Eagle) in TST . It is authentic but expensive