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Nov 1, 2006 03:24 PM

Where to find "German" baking chocolate in Toronto or a good subsitute?

hi there hounds - an American friend of mine - now living in Toronto - wants a German Chocolate cake for his birthday this weekend. The recipe in the Magnolia bakery cookbook calls for German sweet baking chocolate. He assures me it's different than the sweet chocolate sold here in Canada by Bakers brand. It's apparently quite dark but still sweet. Any ideas where to find this in Toronto or can I use the Sweet Bakers brand and just make an adjustment somewhere else. I was thinking maybe using half semi sweet and half sweet?

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. "German's" was (is?) a brand of baking chocolate popular in the USA some years ago. They developed a unique cake recipe, and published it, among other places, on the labels.

    The chocolate itself was not especially unique. Pretty much any good baking chocolate will work.

    History of German's Chocolate Cake:

    1. German chocolate was created by a guy that worked for Bakers Chocolate with the last name of German. It is basically as sweet as a milk chocolate only without the milk. It is not good.

      I would suggest finding Cooks Illustrated's recipe for German Chocolate cake. It relies on better chocolate and cocoa and produces a superior cake.

      1. Baker's makes a German Chocolate, sold in supermarkets.

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          Okay, I've checked Fortinos, Commissos and The Barn and have not found German Chocolate. Which chain sells this elusive item?

        2. Like others have said, your friend is wrong, unfortunately. "German" sweet baking chocolate is a brand name and is only made by the Baker company. Their old chocolate factory is just a few blocks from my house.

          If you want a very light cake in terms of depth of flavor, it's ok to use. If you want a deeper flavor, use something else.

          1. Have you tried Denninger's in Hamilton???? IF they don't carry a product with "German" in it's name, I'm at a loss:-)