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Good Chinese delivery Woodbine/Danforth?

I've tried every place that's dropped a menu in the mailbox. All have been awful. Can someone please tell me where I can order decent Chinese from in the nabe?

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  1. Have you ordered from Danforth Dragon yet? We've had them deliver a couple times and it was okay. Typical chinese food take out, basically.

    1. Number One Chinese on Pape (I suspect they'll go as far as Woodbine). It really is quite excellent. There are a few low points on the menu (they really should scrap what they're not great at -- after all the menu is some 120 items!) -- give things a couple of tries.


      Hot and Sour Soup (best veggie/mushroom (not seafood) version I've had).
      Wonton soup -- excellent wontons, fresh bok choy and good pork
      Pan Fried Dumplings -- excellent, I always order two orderr of 10(?).
      Buddhist's delight -- nice fried tofu, good FRESH woodear and bamboo. Much better than their Dai Dop Voy.

      Good not great:

      Lemon Chicken -- Heavy batter: very nice sauce.
      Shanghai noodles -- more than competant.
      Black bean stuff -- not overpowering, a reasonably nice sauce.


      The spring rolls are only filled with meat (beef and shrimp). They still are good, but it comes as a surprise!

      There are some reviews here: http://www.restaurantica.com/restaura... . They are a little too generous -- its not 'to die for' chinese. But, it is the absolute best you could ever possibly expect from delivery.

      Discount of 10% for pick up if paid for with cash. On Pape just south of Mortimer -- don't bother with Red Rose which is on pape just north of Mortimer.

      1. Seabreeze, hands down, who deliver from Queen and Greenwood. All the usual 'Chinese Canadian' food but with a decent Cantonese selection which is well made and reasonably priced. If you are ever in the area, have a meal in their dining room -- not very pretty, but the atmosphere is authentic mom-and-pop Chinese take-out.

        After reading the recs here for Number One, I stopped in for their hot-and-sour and it was good and I will definitely try their delivery on the next occasion we're having a tv night. However, I can't say I recommend setting down in their dining room. Unfortunately I've been in too many of these family restaurants trying to enjoy a meal alongside sketchy people off the street.

        1. Based on recommendations from this board we ordered from Number One, it took over 90 minutes and at least one call from us to arrive. The food was fine but no different than say Internation House or any other American-style delivery Chinese food.

          1. We found Danforth Dragon and Seabreeze kinda meh. I grew up at Queen/Spadina, so I've been raised on fairly good Chinese take out. The one thing I can't tolerate is really greasy stuff, and that's what I found with both places. I'm looking for the nice, fresh dishes. And good Shanghai noodles are a must for hubby. Maybe I'll give Number One a try...

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              hmm. . . I'd still give Number One a try. But, the one thing I might hold against them is that it does sit a little heavy in your stomach and that is probably because its a touch greasy. I'd probably say it can be a bit oily, but it isn't greasy -- but, you might not accept that there is such a distinction.

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                Are you making your comparisons with Chinatown? Cuz if you are Chinese take-out does not even come close to Chinatown cuisine. While I haven't had vast quantities of take-out during my life, I've had enough baaaaaaaaad versions of chinese-canadian (avoid avoid avoid Sandy's @Danforth/Woodbine)to get a sense of the landscape. Seabreeze' 7-veg with bbq pork and almonds is something I would make at home, but they do it better. I also recommend their Singapore noodles.

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                  I am comparing to Chinatown somewhat, but I've also had good delivery while living at Yonge/Bloor and in North Toronto, so I'm not being totally unrealistic. I know I won't find take out as good as the dine-in in Chinatown, but I've been discouraged by the abysmal options since I moved east.

              2. I no longer live in the area (I would die for ANY delivery where I live now), but when we lived there, we ordered from both Seabreeze (under New Seabreeze in the phone book) and from Danforth Dragon. Both are okay - we really liked the Hakka dishes from Danforth Dragon, which is their specialty (Indian/Chinese and they are highlighted on the menu). We also ordered from some of the places at Broadview and Gerrard, can't remember the names, which may deliver to you too. I also enjoyed may Vietnamese subs at Rose Cafe on Broadview - and only $1.50. very fresh and delicious, but no delivery. Good luck.

                1. We find the food at Seabreeze bland and banal and barely worth eating.

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                    Then where do you order your delivery from, embee?

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                      For the most part, we don't. We're close enough to "Chinatown East" that we usually go out.

                      Beijing House sometimes delivers. It's iffy, but worth calling to find out. Extremely cheap and very tasty with a Northern (though not Szechwan) emphasis. This place used to be extraordinary. They've had the same cook forever (her kids bought it when the original owner wanted out), but business has been terrible and they've cut back on some of their best things. They are still worth trying. Great wings also.

                      In extremis, we order from the Wokker on Queen a couple of times a year. It isn't really Chinese food as we know it now (the restaurant itself could also be called retro, and not in the stylish sense), but the ingredients aren't bad quality and it'll do -- which you should NOT interpret as an outright recommendation. The beef stir fry with ginger (which is made with sushi ginger of all things) tastes pretty good.

                      Our favourite for a quick fix is KaKa Lucky, which koknia recommends below and I second. Extremely cheap, very tasty (avoid the beef dishes, though), and Chinese soap operas on the big screen. But they don't deliver.

                      A friend who lives very near Number One loves the place, but it took so long for their food to get to us that it was pretty bad once it did. If you are close by, they might be worth trying.

                      The only other place I can think of is the Fireplace on Jarvis. They've been around for decades and were once reliably good, but dishes have ranged from excellent to inedible over the last many years.

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                        Back when we lived down on Lewis Street, we were constantly going to the Wokker for take out. Now that we're out of the area, we order for delivery perhaps twice a year. My (Caucasian) hubby really likes their food. In particular, the lemon chicken, chicken soo guy w/ gravy, and butterflied sesame shrimp. Me, I just like the won ton soup. (Mind you, I still eat whatever he orders.)

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                          I just might have my dinner at KaKa tonite. Always pass by on my way to the bakery but it's one of those places to dismiss...So what are your faves there?
                          I am also tempted to try Soon Foon Tai.

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                            I'm a fan of Soon Foon Tai for both their Dim Sum and regular menu, If you go at night don't let the empty restaurant scare you off, I find China town East has become very dead at night over the last few years.

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                              Remember, this is not a taste thrill experience. It's decent tasting chow that is very cheap.

                              Try the BBQ for sure. There is always duck, pork, and soy steamed chicken. There is usually a good selection of innards if you're into that. I especially like a BBQ chicken that has crispy skin like the duck (I don't know what to call it, but that description works) -- this always sells out early. A large mixed BBQ plate with rice and tofu is about $4.75. Be sure to get a big dish of the scallion-garlic sauce with it.

                              I've been happy with fish and scallop dishes. There are some interesting sizzling plate and hotpot dishes too, though I've blanked for the moment on my faves, which I haven't had since last winter. Beware the beef - I've had several beef dishes there that tasted, frankly, weird. I like the bean curd - veggie rolls (though these are sometimes too oily).

                              I've never had dinner at Soon Foon Tai - it has been good (though not great) for dim sum.

                      2. This is my old hood (Danforth/Coxwell) and I searched high and low for good Chinese nearby. Save your time because there's none. The restaurants suggested so far (i.e. Seabreeze, Danforth Dragon) are not good. The one I settled on that offered decent acceptable food is called Red Rose and is on Pape at Mortimer. Take out/Delivery only.

                        1. I gave up on delivered Chinese food in the 'near east' end. Better to make the trek to Kaka Lucky in Chinatown II for take out. 1/2 a soya chicken, large S&S pork, small greens and rice for under $12.
                          (Make sure you get their homemade green onion condiment for the chicken.)

                          1. I've tried all the restaurants named in this board and finally think I've found "the one". We've ordered delivery from Bamboo Chinese Dim Sum Cafe on Danforth the last 3 times and each and every time we've been completely satisfied! Give it a shot.....

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                              Hmm I am in that area a tthe moment. Do you have contact info? Is there anything that you would recommend?

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                                I've actually never stepped foot in the restaurant (only delivery) so I'm not 100% sure exactly where it is, but I believe it is on the Danforth near Chester Station. I'd recommend the General Tao Chicken and the Thai Style Noodle.

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                                  Sort of mid-way between Chester and Pape, north side of the Danforth.

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                                    If I recall correctly it is on the same block or near to, I'll Fornello. Let us know if you were able to give it a go. I've also been curious, although I've never seen much action when I've passed by.

                                2. re: Boonja

                                  We ordered takeout from Bamboo tonight.

                                  Overall, I felt the food was alright, but bland. For example, the Chinese broccoli seemed to have only some soya sauce in the bottom of the styrofoam container to season it. The Singapore noodles barely tasted of curry. The chicken balls were overly battered, and the red sauce was thin as water, so that it was quickly absorbed into the batter making it spongy. Even the vegetable fried rice didn't taste like much. Maybe I should have ordered the General Tao chicken and the Thai-style noodles, as per your recommendation. I find the Singapore noodles from Danforth Dragon much more flavourful, and since it's a dish I typically order when I'm eating Chinese, I don't know if I'd order from Bamboo again.

                                3. THIS SEEMS LIKE A LOGICAL CHOICE
                                  Have you considered HO-LEE-CHOW at Woodbine and Queen?
                                  Always speedy delivery. 416-465-3333
                                  or order on line www.holeechow.com

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                                      There is no place in town where Ho-Lee Chow is a reasonable alternative. :)

                                  1. Has anyone tried the new Chinese place just east of Woodbine & Danforth called 'Xin Xie Liang' (or something similar)? I keep meaning to try it.

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                                      I think it's gone. The sign now says Coffee Coffee.

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                                        Really? I'm talking about the place that's on the north side, close to Gledhill Ave - where the Honda dealership is. I swear I saw it open just yesterday. I'll take a look tonight.

                                        We got a flyer in our mailbox a few months back. A lot of traditionally Canadian-Chinese stuff, but then some more focused special dishes that I was more keen on hearing about/trying.

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                                          sorry, I'm confused. I saw a place with a name similar to that but on the south side just west of Woodbine (by Pizza Pizza), and that's definitely gone. What you're talking about is different and I haven't tried it.

                                      2. re: Tara9000

                                        Yes, we live very close by but decided to order for delivery. I can't recall what we ordered but I do remember thinking the food was OK, certainly no worse than other local Chinese joints.

                                      3. We like the Eden Restaurant, on Coxwell just south of O'Connor. Ate in the first time, and it's been our go-to Chinese fix for decent delivery food. Not talking primo cuisine, here, just decent, tasty, plentiful, and well-sauced. Also, the delivery has always been fast, and the food's good and hot when it arrives.

                                        Sorry, no contact info to hand, but they'd be easy enough to Google.

                                        1. I ordered from Bamboo on Saturday and really loved everything thing I ordered. It took 90 minutes to received the food....maybe that's why it was so good?....I was starving and already finished a bottle of wine!

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                                            Anything tastes good after a bottle of wine and waiting 90 minutes to eat :)

                                          2. Has anyone tried Chop Sticks King on O'Connor and Pape yet? I drive by it alot but haven't tried yet...

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                                              I was going to try Chop Sticks but every time I drive by, the blinds in the window are shut tight. Makes me uncomfortable since I can't see what the place looks like inside. If anyone has been braver than I, please let us know.