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Nov 1, 2006 02:59 PM

Flushing Mall - Translations!

About half of the restaurants are closed off to me cos I don't read Mandarin or Canton! Does anyone know what/where to order at the various non-English menu places at Flushing mall?!

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  1. personally I think places with no English on the menus are usually more authentic and perhaps have less Westernized grub....I'd ask a Chinese speaking friend to write a note for me to use when I eat there...were it me I'd have a note that says "bring me the specialty of the house or something with____ " you get the idea - hopefully you'll get a great meal! good luck!

    1. Not really an answer to your question,but I was there recently and captured the magic of making hand-pulled noodles. Extremely tasty and fun to watch.

      1. Last time I was at the food court in Flushing located on Main St between Sanford Ave. and Maple Ave. which has about eight food stalls with everything written in Chinese, I jotted down a floor plan and descriptions of what type of cuisine each stall offers. The types of stalls included Sichuan, Islamic, Guizhou, Fujian and hand-pulled noodles.

        I think this food court market is called L&N -- it's across the street from A&N (Kam Sen) grocery stone. If you're looking at a map, it is on the west side of Main St. right in between Sanford and Maple.

        If anyone is interested in that particular food court, I can start a new thread with the translations.

        I've not been to Flushing Mall since going there a couple years ago and not finding anything that appealing. Would be glad to know whether anything has changed enough to warrant a return trip.

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          i'm interested in your floor plan and descriptions! please post!