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Nov 1, 2006 02:31 PM

HELP!!!!! Surprise Birthday Party in Atlanta

I am planning a surprise 30th birthday party for my boyfriend and need some advice on a good location. The party will be the first weekend in December (12/2/06) and I am looking for a place with a private or semi-private room for 25-30 people. The food isn't nearly as importatant as drinks...I would like to have some appetizers, but the guests will mostly be drinking.

Have any suggestions??? I planned a surprise party for a good friend and we had it at Eclipse de Luna. We were extremely happy with the outcome of that party, so I would like something along those lines (but not the same locations of course).


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  1. In no particular order...

    Manuel's Tavern has a side room that would easily accommodate your group, not the same vibe as Eclipse but an Atlanta institution and the food's not bad as pub food goes and relatively iinexpensive. Best of all I don't think that they charge any sort of rental or formal minimum.

    Vickery's - multiple rooms that could be dedicated to a group.

    Leopard Lounge - very hip/fun but possibly expensive. The basement bar would probably be perfect for a group your size.

    Not sure if they offer food but The Compound is still one of the hottest clubs in town and they've all kinds of party space - probably for a fee.

    M Bar in Castleberry Hill also has a private space, but I believe they also charge a rental fee, so unless you're a well orgainzed group this may not work for you.

    Of course by December, you're going to be competing with office Christmas parties for space, so you may already be too late for some of these spots.

    1. I was going to suggest Eclipse...

      Maybe Taurus or some hot newish place like that?

      1. Two Urban Licks offers a semi private space...we had an office party there last year and it was a great success. Seating in the space is at a minimum, but if you want a cocktail party atmosphere, it would work great.

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          Two Urban Licks is certainly the see and be seen crowd so you're going to pay more for a party at that place.

        2. Considering her last party was at Eclipse de Luna, I thought it was appropriate. If you could put up a rough budget it would help with selections. Most of the stuff I plan like this is for my company, so budget's not really an issue...

          1. I realize that this is an old post, but I wanted to suggest JavaVino in Poncey-Highlands. It's across from Manuel's Tavern and they have a Wine Lounge room where they host private parites. They also host private wine tastings and provide catered food and wine/beer, plus great coffee of course.