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Nov 1, 2006 02:24 PM

What are your favourite treats from the Halifax Farmer's Market?

Hey there, a question for Halifax locals... Do you go to the Saturday brewery market, and if so, are there any food options there that you love to indulge in?

This past week, I picked up a small batch of pre-made mole sauce from a woman who was selling home made mexcian sauces, dips, etc. It was the first time I had seen her table. I've only had mole sauce one other time, so I can't claim to be an expert, but we had it on chicken two nights ago and it was delicious. Maybe a little less spicy than I would have expected, but it made a fabulous meal. I know there must be tonnes of such treats at the market that I don't know about - I'd love to hear other's favourites.

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  1. Definitely the almond croissants from Julian's Bakery.

    I haven't lived in Halifax for 12 years, and when I had one this fall they were as good as I remembered. And for me, I find when you have something in your memory for a long time, the "idea" of it gets blown out of proportion, leading to dissapointment. Not these. They were as good as I remember them being.

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      I'm eating one as I write this and they are supurb. I didn't know Julien's went to the Brewery Market, since I don't go there and buy my Julien's stuff either at their Hydrostone store or when I'm at Pete's. Their baked goods are fantastic. Most enjoyment I've gotten out of a bakery since the old south-end Larkin's and the blond counter girl from France... but that's another story... :)

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        Do you know if Julian's has a website?

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          I know that I have found one for them in the past, but I couldn't find one now. Go figure. Here's their phone number though. This is the address for their Haliax store, it's open throughout the week.
          Julien’s Pastry Shop
          5517 Young, 902-455-9717

      2. There is a French Style bakery down close to the wine/beer/scotch area that has great chocolatines, and they also bring in cheeses from France that are only for the strong at heart. I can't recall the name of the place.

        The butcher up in the top part, (____ Farms?) across from a seafood place, has Turinger style sausages and low sodium bacon I always buy. The sausages are a favourite in the local German community I am told.

        For a treat, I usually end up going for the gelato across the street at the deli next to The Bishop's Cellar wine store....

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          The gelato that Rodolfo at Botticelli's makes is the best I've ever had. There is one flavor -- I can't recall the name -- that is a blend of chocolate, caramel, and who-knows-what, that is unbelieveably good.

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            I'm pretty sure the bakery place you talk about is Boulangerie La Vendeenne, I think they're from near Mahone Bay, but they've been coming to the market for awhile. I'm quite partial to their croissant's and have tried several of their breads as well. Well worth the (usually long) queue.

            Seems you mentioned the wine area around the corner - has any one tried the hard cider that's available from there? I think they are called "Tideview"? It's their first year of production. I'm not a big cider drinker, but a friend of mine introduced me to it and it's really delicious. I've gone through few a few bottles of the semi-dry already...

            As for the butcher you mention ... is it in the same section as Steve-o-renos? I've never been to that counter but might try to check it out. And I think I'll hit that gelato place too - that sounds fabulous.

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              Yes, that is the name of the bakery.
              The Tideview ciders are available in three styles. John Brett is the person behind the stuff. It is great, traditional sparkling hard cider made in partnership with the Bishops/Noggins Corner people in Greenwich, Kings Co.

              I can't remember which part Steve-o-Renos is in, but it is the highest level in terms of elevation, in the market. I usually get there by walking up the corridor where there is usually a busker playing (not Dan MacKinnon's spot) and it is the first on the left as you go in. German accents. Seafood on the right as you enter the room.

              Watch Chowing America in a couple of weeks for more on Boticelli's Gelato. Jim Leff was through Halifax a while ago, and he went there. The web site is a few weeks behind him.

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                "Watch Chowing America in a couple of weeks for more on Boticelli's Gelato. Jim Leff was through Halifax a while ago, and he went there. The web site is a few weeks behind him."

                just to clarify, this refers to my Chow Tour <> which hopefully some of you are following (hey, I'm eating for YOU).

                Boticelli's Gelato is very good, though it has the New World curse of being a couple notches sweeter than it needs to be (not treacly, though, by any means...I'm quibbling). Also really intriguing brownies.

          2. There is a bakery there that makes cinnamon rolls. I think it is called Mary's. Easy to find, you will see a big line up. It's well worth the wait tough.

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              Yes, Mary's "might" be the first of the bakers that signalled the rebirth of good bread in Halifax. Life was pretty well Ben's Holsum with the small family bakers going under. I still buy her Multi Grain, as it has no salt added (check the ingredient list, if salt is not listed, that's the one).

              Speaking of family bakers, I visited Smith's on Agricola today. Got a fresh loaf of multi grain just out of the oven, practically. They couldn'y bag it, and I kept it open in the car. Popped into the nearby NSLC for a bottle of wine, and when I came back to the car and opened the door...... nirvana......