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Nov 1, 2006 01:54 PM

Favela review (medium long)

Went to this new restaurant in Astoria last Friday night. It is a brazilian place, replacing an older Brazilian restaurant. I had always wanted to try Churrascaria Girasol, but alas, I waited too long. The new owners have made this place cozier and warmer. It is small, only 12 tables or so, with a simple menu with daily specials. It is no longer a Churrascaria per se, but they serve many of the same dishes. We started with a plate of empandas, and assorted other fried bits. VERY tasty. One was bacalau, another stuffed with meat, another tuna and peppers, all very fresh and light. We also had a salad which was simply lettuce and tomato and hearts of palm (I've never understood hearts of palm, but thats another matter). There are several tempting meat entrees to choose from. I got the "bam bam" a roasted beef short rib served with fried yucca- HUGE portion, not a ton of flavor, but well roasted and a little salt went a long way. I would have loved some sort of sauce- a chimchurri or some such, but perhaps thats not kosher.
My partner had a beef stew. Again very simple well prepared, not especially exciting, but nice on a cold night. Everything comes with rice and really fabulous beans. Not a green thing in sight. With 2 glasses of wine, a couple nice espressos, the bill came to around 55 bucks. The service is very friendly, very competent (tho we were the only people in the place), I'll definitely go back. The food here is not mind blowing, not on the order of Malagueta, but it's fresh, down to earth and well prepared, and it's a nice room to sit in. They serve a steak with a fried egg- That will be my next meal there, unless I try one of the nightly specials. They have a very interesting sounding stew on Saturday nights, and a bacalau special on Fridays. Go check it out. 28th Avenue near 35th street.

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  1. Actually we just got back from Favela and judging by all the reviews is why we went. The reviews where right on the money. The food was great and so was the service. On Friday Nights they have a Gentleman singing acoustic romantic Brazillian Music after 8:00pm. I had the Bife de Rola it was tasty with a great flavor but not mind blowing. I also had a bite of my girlfirends dinner which was a chicken breast lightly breaded with fresh seasonings and served with a pureed potatoes. Deff. try the white Sangria..very yummy.. everything was great and we look forward to go again. The only negative thing was the parking, it's kind of hard to find. Oh and the prices are very resonable and staff well experienced. (they speak English, Portuguese ,and Spanish)
    Two thumbs up....$$1/2....out of .. ...$$$$ (price) average meal $15.00