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Pre-Celtics game dinner

Hi -

Wondering where we might have a nice dinner near the Garden before the game. Is the North End too far away? Anywhere else?


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  1. Any place you like in the North End is a very short walk away. Just search for recent North End posts and you'll get a plethora of ideas.

    As for right near the Garden, Anthem serves up some pretty tasty "updated-fancified" comfort classics.

    For a good burger and EXCELLENT fries, Porters is your place.

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      I'll have to chime in for Porter's, too (somewhere *nice* just doesn't jive with a pre-game meal, in my mind). As BB3 says, the fries are really good. I also like the hummus plate - it's surprisingly good. I think it rivals Miracle of Science's. The bartenders are always wicked friendly, too.

    2. The North End is quite convenient and if you've found a spot near the Garden or paid to park, its a good opportunity to eat in the North End, considering its practically impenetrable on a normal weekend night. There are a million North End recommendations elsewhere on this site.

      Personally, I never do a garden event without going to the Four's for a couple buds and a Bobby Orr.

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        I was just discussing this with a friend yesterday: is the Bobby Orr (steak and cheese sub, for folks who have never been) at The Four's (yes, they spell it that way, consarn it) really that good? We can't decide, since we've always had several -- okay, more than several -- beers beforehand, clouding our perception. It sure tastes good in my pickled memories of it. I'll have to visit it for lunch soon and report.

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          Has ANYONE ever had a Bobby Orr without beers? I think that beer is an essential part of the experience.

      2. Massimino's Cucina on Endicott St is very good, traditional Italian..in the NE and very close to the Garden.

        1. You know what also might be fun for a group of twenty before the game? The Waterfront Cafe on Commercial Street. Lots of beer choices, pretty good food (including a surprisingly good and LARGE pizza - thanks for the rec Pegmeister).

          1. the date was November 6th, 2004, a week a half after the sox won it all, and a mere one day before my wife and I picked up our dog, Belle.

            We were in the Four's in Quincy and that day I ate a Bobby Orr without having drank a beer beforehand. I can not attest to whether or not a beer was drunk while I ate. The only thing I remember is that Michigan State was playing Ohio State and the Bobby Orr was fantastic, as per usual.

            1. My wife and I are going to a Celtics game next week, and since we're leaving our 4-month-old with a babysitter we're going to be tight on time. I.e., we will not have time before the game to have dinner somewhere, and afterwards we're going to feel the need to go straight home.

              So we are wondering: are the concessions in the Garden any good at all? Anything decent to eat there?

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                I haven't been in the Garden since they did the psuedo-renovation in the off-season. But from what I understand, they have a bunch of new food vendors in there with unusual offerings. Give us a review if you check a few out.

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                  Thanks for the info. I'll let you know how it is.

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                    I don't usually eat there at the games but it had been a long day with nothing since a couple slices of cold pizza that morning and ...Well you can check off the fried clams. Price actually wasn't bad, considering, but problem was finding the clams under all that batter. It's possible that's what those flavorless highly rubbery things I occassionally struck were supposed to be. Even the tartar sauce was flavorless. Came with lots of freshly cooked fries though. I may try some of the others (season tickets) as I go along and will continue to report back.

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                      Thanks for the info. We're going tonight (11/8/06) and I'll report back.

                      Your description of the clams reminds me of our fried clam experience at the Topsfield Fair. We figured, hey, we're near Ipswich and Essex, close to if not actually in the Clam Belt. Big mistake. They were unspeakably bad. Inedible. Next time we're sticking with the fried dough and Italian sausage.

                2. Regina's Pizza in the North End (but the side a bit closer to the Garden) is a reasonable walk... say 10 mins... if you'd like a great pizza.

                  1. As promised, here's my report on food options at the Garden.

                    You can eat there, but it ain't gonna be a memorable meal. It's just your basic concession-type grub. And it is going to cost you.

                    We arrived hungry, not having time to eat beforehand, so we stopped at the food court area at the top of the first set of escalators. There's a pizza vendor and a sausage joint right there, along with a pretty nice area with tables and cool benches where you can eat. (It appeared that this area is sponsored by Comcast; a young woman was making the rounds of the tables with a sales pitch. She didn't hit us up, perhaps using some sixth sense to discover that we've recently had a negative Comcast experience and were not going to be receptive. But I digress.)

                    We got slices of calzone and beer. The beers are six bucks each. I don't remember exactly how much the calzone was. The food was okay. Nothing really wrong with it, but nothing that commendable. The beer was good.

                    Sated, for now anyway, we proceeded to our seats. The pregame hoopla was still underway. I decided to scope out the options for our next course. A quick perambulation of the concourse revealed that the choices are limited and repetitive--you encounter the same booths as you go around. There is the pizza place, the Nathan's hot dog place, the sausage place, etc. You can get those nasty nachos with the electric yellow synthetic cheese stuff.

                    I noticed people walking around with what I at first thought might be fish and chips, but apparently the objects atop the fries were "chicken tenders." They weren't shaped right to be tenders, though. And they were a rather unappetizing tan color, not the golden brown of properly breaded and fried chicken (or fish or clams).

                    I got a hotdog from Nathan's and another beer. The pup was tasty. I put some sauerkraut on it, though, from the condiments dispensary near the food booth, which was a mistake. The kraut had an off flavor, kind of chemically. Weird. But the wiener was a decent second course.

                    I never saw the clam purveyor mentioned above.

                    I lost track of how much we spent of food, but I am confident that the same amount would have got us a nice meal at any number of North End eateries.

                    Bottom line: if you are pressed for time, as we were, you won't suffer hunger pangs throughout the game. The food isn't bad. The beer is good. But if you have time, eat near the Garden and then go to the game. Or eat afterwards.

                    1. Thanks for all the recs - ended up in the North End at Antico Forno, which worked out perfectly. It was a lovely, warm night and we strolled from Haymarket over to Salem Street and mostly enjoyed our early pre-game meal. I had the linguini al frutti de mare and my companion had the fusilli al tegamino. We first shared an antipasto that was loaded with quality prosciutto (sp?)and salami. The cheeses were just "eh" and SO "eh" that we left them on the plate. That was a disappointment - minor one, though. The bread was not worth the calories but the main courses were excellent. Had a decent bottle of barbera d'asti and we weren't rushed at all, which was great.