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Nov 1, 2006 01:51 PM

Pre-Celtics game dinner

Hi -

Wondering where we might have a nice dinner near the Garden before the game. Is the North End too far away? Anywhere else?


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  1. Any place you like in the North End is a very short walk away. Just search for recent North End posts and you'll get a plethora of ideas.

    As for right near the Garden, Anthem serves up some pretty tasty "updated-fancified" comfort classics.

    For a good burger and EXCELLENT fries, Porters is your place.

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      I'll have to chime in for Porter's, too (somewhere *nice* just doesn't jive with a pre-game meal, in my mind). As BB3 says, the fries are really good. I also like the hummus plate - it's surprisingly good. I think it rivals Miracle of Science's. The bartenders are always wicked friendly, too.

    2. The North End is quite convenient and if you've found a spot near the Garden or paid to park, its a good opportunity to eat in the North End, considering its practically impenetrable on a normal weekend night. There are a million North End recommendations elsewhere on this site.

      Personally, I never do a garden event without going to the Four's for a couple buds and a Bobby Orr.

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      1. re: jogo7375

        I was just discussing this with a friend yesterday: is the Bobby Orr (steak and cheese sub, for folks who have never been) at The Four's (yes, they spell it that way, consarn it) really that good? We can't decide, since we've always had several -- okay, more than several -- beers beforehand, clouding our perception. It sure tastes good in my pickled memories of it. I'll have to visit it for lunch soon and report.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Has ANYONE ever had a Bobby Orr without beers? I think that beer is an essential part of the experience.

      2. Massimino's Cucina on Endicott St is very good, traditional the NE and very close to the Garden.

        1. You know what also might be fun for a group of twenty before the game? The Waterfront Cafe on Commercial Street. Lots of beer choices, pretty good food (including a surprisingly good and LARGE pizza - thanks for the rec Pegmeister).

          1. the date was November 6th, 2004, a week a half after the sox won it all, and a mere one day before my wife and I picked up our dog, Belle.

            We were in the Four's in Quincy and that day I ate a Bobby Orr without having drank a beer beforehand. I can not attest to whether or not a beer was drunk while I ate. The only thing I remember is that Michigan State was playing Ohio State and the Bobby Orr was fantastic, as per usual.