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Nov 1, 2006 01:34 PM

Narrowing it down - UWS and near New Amsterdam

Ok thanks to you all and some other sites I think I have it narrowed down a bit
Anyone want to weigh in on these options for the 4 us of (2 of which are teenaged girls)
Friday nite - UWS (around 75th and Broadway)
Epices or Bettola

Sat nite - around New Amsterdam theatre
Tintol, Akdeniz, Dervish

Want to have at least one sort of different meal, hence the Sat nite choices. We don't want Mexican or Chinese and we're always making my husband eat Thai so he's said "not this trip" unless we can talk him into Pam Real THai. No BBQ and nothing too expensive.

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  1. I wasn't bowled over by the food at Dervish. My pick for Turkish food in that area would be Uncle Nick's.

    1. Isn't Uncle Nick's Greek?

      1. Looks Greek to me based on the menu.

        1. Oops! Of course, you're both right.

          1. My $.02 - at either of your Friday choices, you'll have an average meal. Not bad but certainly not memorable. I still vote for Celeste (84th/amsterdam)as your UWS selection - yes it's tight, but so is Bettola, but the food is much better. Celeste is also cheap (cash only) - get the cheese plate!

            I suggested Uncle Nick's for you for saturday (i think it was you) so I'll stand by it.

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              Just as an FYI, you are much more likely to be rushed at Celeste. I have always enjoyed the food there but wouldn't recommend it because of the cramped spaces and quick turnover. You should also be prepared for a long wait outside before you are seated.

              Bettola is much more relaxed and the food just a notch lower.