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last, desperate plea from DC ' hound

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We still need advice about pre-theater for 256 W. 47th! Tonight! Please, please. And thanks for our one reply below.

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  1. This is a much answered request. Do a search - will provide many suggestions.

      1. Go to Uncle Nick's Ouzaria on 50th and 9th. Fun greek restaurant, lots of small plates...the saganaki flaming cheese is a must. Eatery on 53rd and 9th is good too.

        1. Un Deux Trois - 123 W. 44th..

          1. Marseille, 44th and Ninth, if you can get a reservation. Enjoyable, good food, nice atmosphere - perfect for before or after the theater. Much recommended on this Board.

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              When bougouni originally posted, I recommended Marseille.


              And, if you will look up-thread, you will see that wingman also suggested it. It would appear that bougouni does not find it appealing.

            2. Roberto Passon -- 9th Ave at 50th.

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                I second Roberto Passon...went last friday per RGR's recommendation and it was wonderful. Very reasonable as well.

              2. thanks very much. I'm sure you get 1,000s of questions like this, so I very much appreciate the responses. If anyone's coming to DC, give us a shout and we'll help you out. And to the person who first posted Marseille, it wasn't that I didn't like it--I just wanted a few options for my colleague. Again, thanks!