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Nov 1, 2006 01:09 PM

Good cheese east-of-the-river? (Hartford, CT)

recently moved from w. hartford to glastonbury, and the only shop i found online with good cheese (glastonbury gourmet) appears to have closed down. anyone know any shops in this area where i could procure better quality cheese than the super stop and shop caliber?



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  1. Jim, Welcome to Glastonbury! I have the same problem with supermarket cheese - couple of places you might want to check out :
    - Highland Park market at the intersection of Hebron Ave and 83 has an OK selection of local cheeses - Cato Farm in Colchester (love their Hooligan) & another place in Lyme whose name escapes me (they have their gelato in the freezer too & it's yummy), also some VT/NH cheeses that are pretty good - not a cheese counter though & I don't recall any good imported ones, just pieces in the refrigerated section close to the cakes. Prices are kinda high too.
    - Center of the Plate on Main street in the same strip mall as Pier One - has a few cheeses in the fridge by the door (again really just VT/NE based) but is mainly a high end butcher - lots of 'natural' (no antibiotic etc) meats, some organic, good sausages & a small but good selection of fish - scallops from Stonington etc - if you eat meat then this is a great place to go.. but I know you asked about cheese...

    Other than that I think you're best off going back to west hartford - we do the Wholefoods/Traders Joes trip all too frequently...

    Hope this helps


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      thanks for the tips, much appreciated. to satisfy my cheese fix today, i just buckled down and made the drive back to w. hart. for whole foods. picked up some fabulous young gouda. mm.

      like adolf's and la rosa in hartford for sausages, but will certainly try center of the plate for some good steaks in the near future.

      1. re: goodbyeohio

        I remember your asking about good sausage in Hartford, and settling on Adolf's. Don't know if you're aware of it, but sadly, they had a big fire in the night, and it looks like they'll be out of commission for a while.

        1. re: moskey

          i did not know.. that is awful! what is with fires lately?!

    2. There is a Wild Raspberry in Cromwell, just off route 9, same plaza as AAA. The downtown west hartford store carries more of a selection than the Cromwell one, but still some pretty decent choices.

      1. If you're up for a drive - Liuzzi's on State Street in North Haven is amazing. Their Triple Cream Affanois served on their Fig Cake is an ultimate experience. Hope you take a drive there won't be sorry.

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          Whole Foods is opening a Glas. loction soon- fyi-

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            Liuzzi's in North Haven is like Heaven on Earth or an Oasis in the desert. Louis in the Cheese dept is a character, but he knows his cheeses. Ask him about anything in the case. He loves folks who love good cheese and are willing to try. They have a huge selection of cheeses some of which they make themselves. They have an amazing smoked fresh ricotta that makes incredible ravioli. Also a great place for all kinds of Italian imports. Try all the olives.

          2. Jim - Welcome to Glastonbury. While Glatonbury is a wonderful place to live, unfortunately we do not have a lot of the great stores other towns have. the problem is that there is a very limited amount of store fronts available. In addition to cheese shop, we need a good bakery and a real deli. We have too many upscale eating places, pizza places, Chinese places and not enough down-to-earth local spots. Rumor has it that First & Last Tavern is coming to the old Bennigan's location on Glastonbury Boulevard which will help. And the new Max Seafood Restaurant that will be built in Somerset Square sounds good but pricey.

            As for the Whole Foods rumor, that has been going around for about a year now and has yet to be confirmed. Supposedly the new owners of the Fox Run Mall will be replacing Shaws with it when they remodel next year. We will see. It certainly will be a welcomed addition to the town. Jay

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              thanks for the info jay.

              i avoid italian out as i prefer to cook it myself, although it will be good to have highway access to F&L breads. max's isn't my cup of tea as i prefer seaside type roadfood joints for seafood. gbury is nice and quiet but not foodie-friendly. most upsettingly, there is no good beer store (<-- beer snob) in the area. sonoma wines is OK, but they have some dated six packs approaching 7/8 months old.

              chinese is intriguing though.. i noticed there are many here. have any opinions on which ones are the best? really into hot and sour soup, always looking for a good one.


            2. It's a little bit of a drive for you, but the Willi Food Coop has a great cheese selection, and lots of local cheese. The website is