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Nov 1, 2006 12:58 PM

Little Mexico - Columbia

Has anyone been there lately?

I've had some really good meals there but it's been a little while. Even had a margarita on the bench while waiting for a table. However....last night we went about 8:00 and there was nobody there but us. I had the uh-oh feeling right then. It was honestly one of the worst meals I've had. The "salsa" was similar to the juice from a can of whole peeled tomatoes. It went downhill from there. The man who I think was the owner told us over and over the lamb wasn't available because they had to save it for tomorrow night. Is it a Mexican holiday or something? They asked us too many times how we liked our meal. What to you say? We finally decided if he or the waiter asked again we would say "Not as good as before". But we were spared. But we were not spared from his investment offer to make us a million dollars quickly. We're smiling and thinking "go away" but when he asked us if we had 50 grand and stood there waiting for an answer, I realized he was making a serious pitch. I looked at my husband and burst out laughing and he KEPT ON! It was incredible.

My husband should have listened when we pulled into the parking lot and I said "I didn't mean here, I thought we were going to ________" (in Ashland Park on St. Andrews Rd - I forgot the name).

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  1. It has been a couple of months, but on my last visit I had horrible service. Now I realize that some wait staff may see a lone diner as a small tip. One meal purchased rather than two or more. But wouldn't they think 20% of single meal's price would be better than 0% of the same?

    Because when they ignore me they risk a 0% tip.

    I watched my waitress coo and faun over families and couples, refilling drinks over and over.

    My glass? It would have been empty all night if I hadn't made several trips to the wait station. When I mentioned it to the owner (as I paid the tab) he said he was short staffed.

    Haven't been back. Oh yeah. Food was just alright. It's hard to chew when you're p'oed.

    1. Sorry to hear about the bad service and not so great food. I always liked Little Mexico, but have not been there in ages. The owner is a little strange and can sort of loom around when you want privacy while eating. One time, my husband ordered some dish with goat in it, and the owner came over to the table while he was eating it and asked him if he had come across any buckshot in the goat! What? After we got over the grossness factor, he tried to tell us some long story about the person he got the goat from and how he was too old to catch them, yadda yadda yadda. Very weird. I always felt like I got the best food when going on a Friday or Saturday night when they (used to be?) crowded. Who knows!

      1. I tried Little Mexico about eight years ago. Ordered the paella. It was insipid. I thought "you should have known better". Went back. Ordered a chicken breast with mole sauce. It was worse than the paella. Tough, dry, tasteless. Haven't returned.

        1. Looks like you should not go back anytime soon. I saw on the Resturant Report on the local news last night that Little Mexico got a 75 (a D) on their food inspection.

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