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Nov 1, 2006 12:51 PM

Good college friend in from out of town

One of my best friends from college football is in town tonight and I'm bit confused where to take him. He's a large man so alot of food would be great, I'm torn between New Green Bo, Chuschuria or Lombardis; I've even thought of Katz's but since he's from Buffalo I'm not sure if he'd appreciate the pastrami.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Being a native buffaloian I would take him to Churrascaria since they give you lots of food in a fun atmosphere and there's nothing like that in Buffalo. My friends from Buffalo LOVE Houston's ribs and spinach dip. I know it's a chain but they want to go every time they come here. You may want to think about putting that on your list.

    1. is your friend a big fan of chinese food, and does he have adventurous tastes? i took a group of people to new green bo once who had only ever had standard americanized fare, and they were a bit confused and not very into the feast i ordered for us.

      katz's would probably be my pick from your list. it's a fun experience in general, and even if you skip the pastrami you'll still have a good, hearty meal.

      1. Big portions ? In my years of dining out, I have rarely seen portions as amples as Carmine's. When I saw fried calamari for $20, I was a bit skeptical. When the turkey platter of light, crsply fried calamari with a nice marinara sauce arrived, I understood the price point. Only in NY !

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          Tony, thanks for the suggestion but I would never bring anyone to Carmines - if I was going to take him for Itallian I'd go to Lupa or Otto.

        2. wingman, What makes you think your friend would not like Katz's? I can't recall any visitors to NYC reporting back on their experiences saying they did not like Katz's pastrami. In fact, they usually give it raves. Also, Katz's is such a quintessential NY spot that you're almost doing your friend a disservice if you don't take him there.

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            Some people just don't like cured meats (my mom for example). Although he loves itallian combos so that could be a good indication.

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              From my somewhat limited experience with cured meats other than Jewish-style/koshere deli, those tend to be of the "dry" variety and are served cold, while the best pastrami has some fat on it and is juicy when served hot. Some people do ask for their pastrami "lean" which, I feel, totally defeats pastrami's raison d'etre.