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Spicey and Tasty, Flushing - Recommendations, anyone?

Had the tea-smoked duck here on my previous visits. Loved it, but would like to try something new. Any recommendations?

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      Okay, Bob, thanks. So far, it's a toss-up between the Dan Dan Noodles and the Enhanced Pork for my next visit. Decisions, decisions....

      1. re: Polecat

        "So far, it's a toss-up between the Dan Dan Noodles and the Enhanced Pork for my next visit."

        The Dan Dan noodles are really an app. so you can have both. They'll happily pack up what you don't finish. I like to plan my S&T visits in advance by looking at their menu. There's a version online here:


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        I've never had a bad meal at S and T. We always start with the cold stuff- garlicky cucumbers, dried tofu with celery, seaweed. Then we move on to a few small noodle dishes- dan dan noodles, cold spicy ma la noodles ( my fave), wontons in spicy oil etc. Then a few "protein" dishes- we love all their pork dishes. Lately I've been obsessed with what is listed as potatoes and green peppers- heaps of julienned potatoes lightly sauteed with garlic and oil and a few thin ribbons of green peppers thrown in for color. It's a mild but flavorful dish that helps "absorb" a lot of the spices in our tummies.

        All Good Things,

      3. My favorite (or one of my favorites) is the water-cooked stuff, which they call "Szechuan delicacies... in fresh hot pepper", number 191 through 200 on their menu, I think. Lovely blend of fire, it comes in a mini-wok brimming with flavor. Try to get them to make it spicy (ma la). One time I succeeded, I was sick for 3 days but it was the best Sichuan I've ever had. So the next time I had 3 days free, I went back! But it wasnt as hot that time.

        I've never tried it, but they also make the two-chambered hot pot, though it's not on the menu.

        1. I went recently for dinner and had an awesome Lamb dish. I've never seen Lamb on a Chinese menu. It was Lamb w. Chili Pepper. Someone mentioned that the Water Cooked Dishes (under Szechuan Delicacies items 191 to 200) is a must but extremely hot so use caution. I went for lunch and ordered the $5.50 special - disappointing. It's worth spending $6 more and ordering from the main menu.

          1. I dragged my best bud here for lunch last Thursday and we had a fine time of it. While for us the Dan Dan noodles are essential, we also tried the cold noodles with red chili sauce. They were tasty, rather sweet and had that sneaky kind of heat that sort of catches up with you when you've given up on it. Good, but no replacement for the Dan Dan noodles.

            I enjoyed the Double Cooked Pork as much as ever, very good, and she tried the Spicy Chicken with Peanuts. It was a fine dish and I look forward to ordering it again.

            1. I do not mean to be obnoxious - but
              eg., HOUSE SPECIAL S&T PORK is basically repulsive near vomit sliced bacon all soggy [not crispy] more than 50% atrocious blobs of fat - am I missing something or am I lacking in appreciation for volumes of pig fat?
              Are there pork dishes or lamb and beef items without such overwhelming fat parts?
              The smoked tea duck - OK to order as takeout I think - but chopsticks at S&T then it also a vast bellyfull of grease.
              Fortunately,for lunch, the fish,seafood specials are fantastic [just discard the atrocious soup and special appetizers}. The gungbao lunch stuff are fine as well.

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                "HOUSE SPECIAL S&T PORK is basically repulsive near vomit sliced bacon all soggy [not crispy] more than 50% atrocious blobs of fat - am I missing something or am I lacking in appreciation for volumes of pig fat?"

                It is called "pork belly" - it is cooked perfectly at S&T but clearly it is not for you. Szechuan food is often called too oily and too salty by those who don't like those things. It doesn't mean the food isn't properly prepared - it's just not to your taste.

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                  The water-cooked stuff I mentioned above is not visibly greasy... though there is oil in the broth. It is very spicy, though.

                  Oh, and for the search engines and future people searching for this topic:
                  Spicy and Tasty
                  Spicy & Tasty

                  1. re: micheal

                    If you don't have a taste for the sweetness of soft pork fat and the necessary oil to be a carrier for Sichuan spices, this may not be the cuisine for you.

                  2. Thanks to all for your suggestions.
                    Was finally able to hit S&T today, on this rainiest of afternoons, for a much anticipated late lunch/early dinner. Glad I did. Suffice to say I left feeling satiated and full, with every intention to return yet again. The place was empty - no big surprise considering the time, around 3:30, and the dreary weather - save for a young couple at one table, and the wait staff enjoying big bowls of deliciousness at the back table. The food and service were as good as if it were peak time.
                    Thanks again to Mr. Martinez for the Dan Dan Noodles rec. This is the first time I've tried this amazing noodle dish; I can easily see it becoming a habit. This has it all going on: subtle heat, perfect noodle texture, little bits of pork mingling with nuts. Anyone who likes the total noodle experience will take pleasure in sopping them up with the amazing flavors laying in wait at the bottom of the bowl. I'm also glad that this is available as an appetizer - it's just enough and leaves room for more.
                    For a main dish, I went with the "Tasty Bean Curd". Another winner, and, based on what I've read from various posters and reviewers, it probably doesn't even crack the top 10 or 15 dishes here. Like the Dan Dan, its' flavor is informed by a pork base and slabs of pork and ham. It has a slightly porky before-taste, but goes down with more of a slight sweetness. The BC basks in the sauce, accompanied by mushrooms and crunchy discs of ginger. I would recommend this dish to anyone who wants something filling and satisfying yet also light, almost airy, which is refreshing for a pork-based dish.
                    Thanks again to all who responded. P.